KPK Board 12th Class English Ch 8 Lingkuan Gorge Short Questions Answers

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After Online tests for all subjects now it’s time to prepare the next level for KPK board students to prepare their short question section here. We have a complete collection of all classes subject wise and chapter wise thousands questions with the right answer for easy understanding.

We provided 12th class English short questions answers on this page of all KPK boards. Students of KPK boards can prepare the English subject for annual examinations.

In this List we have included all KPK boards and both Arts and Science students. These Boards students can prepare their exam easily with these short question answer section

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Peshawar Board 12th classes short questions Answer

Swat Board 12th classes short questions Answer

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Kohat Board 12th classes short questions Answer

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Bannu Board 12th classes short questions Answer

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What is the narrator’s job and the purpose of his journey? What physical conditions persuade him to rest for a few hours?

Narrator is a chief of Material Department. The purpose of his journey is to reach the Material Department tomorrow morning by ten ‘o’ clock. There was dust everywhere. The swirling snowflakes and the gale made every step a difficult. So these physical conditions persuaded him to rest for a few hours.

About how old is Cheng-Yu? What does he respond when the narrator asks, ‘’Why isn’t anybody home?’’

Cheng –Yu is seven or eight year old. When the narrator asks, ’’Why isn’t anybody home?’’ he responds him quickly ‘’ aren’t I anybody, uncle?’’

What work do Cheng-Yu’s parents do? What ‘’job’’ has Cheng-Yu been assigned, and what explanation does he give for reusing the narrator’s advice to go to sleep?

Cheng-Yu’s father is a mountain scalar while his mother duty is to keep the traffic in order. The job assigned to Cheng-Yu is to look after his baby sister. He refuses the narrator’s advice to go to sleep and explains that he is on duty now and ‘’Papa and Mama say a man should never leave his post.’’

What does the narrator do in the final paragraph? What does he realize is waiting for him?

The narrator stands up, buttons his coat, pulls his hat, leaves the cave and wants to reach his destination without any further delay because he realizes his responsibility that the job is waiting for him.

What sort of child is Cheng-Yu? What attitude does he display towards his parents and his responsibilities?

Cheng-Yu is very intelligent and responsible boy. He displays a  remarkable attitude towards his parents and his responsibilities as he performs his duty up to the mark.

What ideas about work does the story convey? What else does the story suggest is valuable?

Story conveys the ideas about work such as sense of responsibility o duty. Yes, everything that story suggest is much valuable.

Do you think the story is overly moralistic? How does Tu make his story entertaining despite its rather heavy-handed message?

No, I think the story is not overly moralistic. It‘s reasonable and keep great appeal for readers. Tu makes his story entertaining due to interesting and attractive character like Cheng-Yu.   

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