KPK Board 12th Class English Ch 17 The Renaissance Short Questions Answers

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Which civilization provided the inspiration for change?

Answer. The Greek and Roman civilization provided the inspiration for changes. These civilizations introduced the new ideas and way of thinking to the human world.

When new ideas were discussed, what was challenged?

Answer. When new ideas were discussed, the old ideas were challenged. This challenged to old ideas brought enormous change in our civilization, lifestyle, way of thinking and Art and Literature which set the scene for our modern world.

What was the basis for the success of Florence?

Answer. The basis for the success of Florence was that its people were resourceful, energetic and competitive. Its geographic position was also helpful to develop the trade. To be successful in trade, people took initiative and risks. They invested money into building a textile industry. Resultantly Florence became a city that had everything. Successful banks, prosperous business, wealthy citizens, craftspeople, artists and thinkers or intellectuals.

Give some examples o why you think traders needed to be resourceful and creative?

Answer. I think traders needed to be resourceful and creative. The example of Florence is in front of us. The people of Florence took initiative in trade. They jumped at the trade in silk, wool and flax. Their resourcefulness and creativity made Florence the center of the European textile industry. People made huge progress in all walks of life and earned a lot of money due to their creativity and resourcefulness.

Why did artists flourish in Florence?

Answer. Florence made huge progress in the 15th century and become wealthy republic. People competed with each other, not just in business but in their lifestyle. This was good news for artists were hired by the rich and encouraged to use their own ideas. They were free from financial problems. In this way, the artists flourished in Florence.

What stirred people’s interest in the world beyond their own lands?

Answer. In the thirteenth century, Marco polo brought back to Italy tales of his adventures in China. His travels stirred people’s interest in what lay beyond their own lands. Besides other explorers brought back tales of Spice islands, fantastic animals and plants, precious metals and gems to Italy which also stirred people’s interest in the world.

How did humanism begin in Europe and what was its impact on art and architecture?

Answer. Trade and exploration opened up the world and encouraged learning. Scholars began to translate the manuscripts from the ancient world. This opened up new areas of thought about politics, religion, science and art. So humanism began in Europe. Humanism had a huge impact on art and architecture. It made people to spend money on their comforts and luxury. So the rich people began to build castles for their luxury and beauty instead of their protection.

What made the world open up for the people of Florence?

Answer. The tales of Marco polo’s adventure and the adventures of the other explorers excited the people to know more about the world. The invention of printing press helped spread the tales of adventure and ideas from the classical world. So trade and exploration opened up the world for the people of Florence.

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