KPK Board 12th Class English Ch 1 The Farewell Sermon Short Questions Answers

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When and where did the Holy Prophet (SAW) deliver his last sermon?

The Holy Prophet (SAW) delivered his last sermon on the 9th of (Dhul Hijjah), 10 at the and off his first and last pilgrimage in the Uranah valley of mount Arafat in (Makkha) to a crowd of over uh 120000 pilgrims. The crowd stood before him in perfect silent will while he delivered the sermon, sitting on his camel.

Whom did the Holy Prophet (SAW) ask to repeat the sermon sentence by sentence after him and why?

The Holy Prophet (SAW) asked Rab’ah Ibn Umayya Ibn Khalaf, who was  known to have a  loud  voice,  to repeat Sermon after him m sentence by sentence so That  everyone   could hear the  sermon  well because there was as large a crowd standing before him as over 120000 pilgrims.

State in your own words that what did the Holy Prophet (SAW) say about the sanctity of the life and purpose of Muslim brethren?

The Holy Prophet (SAW) said that the life and property of a Muslim word as sacred as the month (Dhul Hijja), the day (9th day), and the city (Makkah) they were in. He insisted on returning goods to their rightful owners he advise people neither to oppress nor be oppressed, and that they should not forget that they would certainly meet their Lord Who sell demand from them an account of all their actions. Also, he talked about the Jews of interest on loans, declaring it completely Forbidden from then onwards.

What did the Holy Prophet (SAW) instruct the people with regard to their women?

The Holy Prophet (SAW) instructed the people with regard to their women in a very elaborate and emphatic manner. He told them that, just as they had certain rights over there was, otherwise had also rights over them. Reminded he reminded them that they had taken them as their wives ‘’ only under Allah’s trust and with his permission’’, swelling that they would take care of them and protect them. He called as’’ committed partner’’ and’’ committed helpers’’ to their husbands, and so instead that the husband should treat them with kindness and affection,

What did the Holy Prophet (SAW) say about the superiority individual over another? What it

The Holy Prophet (SAW) denounced the superiority of one individual over another on the basis of social status, wealth, language, caste, or colour. He reminded the people that all mankind was descended from Adam and Eve. So, as he insisted, whether a black or a white, whether an Arab or a non – Arab, no one has treat someone as inferior because Allah judges by piety and good action. He rather emphasized that every Muslim should be truly a brother to every other Muslim.

What did he say about Khatm–e–Nabuwwat?

The Holy Prophet (SAW) said that about Khatm–e–Nabuwwat(Finality of Prophet hood) that there would be no prophets to come after him, and thus, there would be no new revelation and religion. He further added that he was leaving behind him two things, the Quran and his way, The Sunnah , and if the people followed these, they would never go astray.

What did the Holy Prophet (SAW) ask the people towards the end of the sermon?

By the end of the sermon, the Holy Prophet(SAW) entrusting  the people  listing to his word responsibility  to pass own his words to those who were not present over there. This is how the Prophet(SAW) worried for his nation (The Muslim Ummah ).He then finally  asked the people,  ‘’O  people,  have I  faithfully  delivered unto  the message (Of Islam)?’’,to which thousands  of  pilgrims replied: ‘’indeed, you have, O Prophet of Allah!’’

What was the significance of the verses recited by the Holy Prophet (SAW)? One tradition has it that Abu Bakr Siddiq(RA) cried when he heard these verses Why? And why did the Holy Prophet (SAW) say that he may not be amongst his people the year?

Verse 4 of Surah5 (Al-Maidah), which the Holy Prophet(SAW) had just received as revelation from Allah and recite to the people as part  of his sermon, was significant because it contained the message of the completion of the Qur’an and prophet- hood.

One tradition has it that Abu Bakr Siddiq(RA) cried when he heard these verses because he came to  know that the Holy Prophet (SAW) would leave them soon. The Holy Prophet (SAW) said that he may not be amongst his people the year after because he completed his mission and his duty was over.

There is only one clause about worshipping Allah? The rest are all about the rights of men and women how they should live in the society and their obligations with regard to one another. Why is there more emphasis on men in the society?

The emphasis on the men in the society is for that reason that man is the basic unit of society. He should lead his life not only in the light of the Islamic teachings but also it is his responsibility to take care the right of the others. Resultantly there will be peace, harmony and brotherhood in the society.

What do the religion scholars of today emphasis most often upon? What has it resulted in?

The religious scholars of today emphasize upon mostly the clause about worshipping Allah i.e Haqaq

Allah. They ignore the rights human being i.e Haqaq- ul- Ibad. Resultantly, there is no justice, peace,

harmony and brotherhood in the society.

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