KPK Board 12th Class Computer Ch 4 Control Structures Short Questions Answers

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Define Control flow statements. What are the most commonly used control flow statements?

The statements which allow the programmer to control the sequence of execution of statements of a program by the processor are called control flow statements.

The most commonly used control flow statements are:

Decision statements

Repetition statements

Compound statements

Define decision statements. What are the most commonly used decision statements in C++?

The statement that causes the program to change the way of execution, sequence of execution, based on the value of an expression is called decision statement. Decision statement is also called conditional statement.

The most commonly used decision statements are:

If statements

If-else statements

Nested if-else statements

Switch statements

What is the use of decision statements?

In C++ program, a programmer sometimes needs to execute one statement or of group of statements if certain condition is true and another statement or group of statements if the certain condition is false. This is only possible with the use of decision statements C++.

Difference between nested ‘if-else’ and ‘switch’ ?

The nested ‘if-else’ and ‘switch’ statements are used when there are multiple choice and only one is to be executed.

Difference between nested ‘if-else’ and ‘switch’

Nested if

It is difficult to use when there are multiple choices.

It uses multiple expressions for multiple choices.

It can check a range of value.

It can check variable also.

User can use constant or variable in relational expression.


It is easy to use when there are multiple choices.

It uses single expression for multiple choices.

It cannot check a range of value.

It checks only constant values.

User cannot use variables with case statement.

Briefly explain break statement and exit () function?

‘Break’ statement is used to make jump from one part of a program to another. ‘Break’ statement is used in two situations: one in switch – default structure to properly end a case portion and another in loops to leave a loop.

‘Exit’ function is used to immediately terminate a running C++ program. The exit function takes an integer, usually 0, as a parameter that is returned to the operating system as an exit code and tells it that the program has terminated normally.

Difference between ‘while’ and ‘do-while’ loop?

Difference between ‘while’ and ‘do- while’ loop is;

While loop

In while loop, condition comes before body of the loop

If condition is false in start, while loop is never executed

Do-while loop

In do-while loop, condition comes after body of the loop.

Do-while is executed at least once even if condition is false in start.

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