KPK Board 12th Class Compurter Ch 5 Arrays and Strings Short Questions Answers

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What are the basic terminologies used in Arrays?
Some commonly used terminologies in Arrays are:

Name, size and index

1 Name of an Array

Name of Array can be any valid identifier. Each location of Array has the same name with different index. Consider an array X that contains 6 integer value of type int. it can be represented as:

These elements are numbered from 0 to 5. Since in arrays the first index is always 0.

In the above example, all the 6 locations of the array X has the same name X but different indices, X[0], X[1], X[2], X[3], X[4], and X[5].

  1. Size of an Array

The number of elements that can be stored in an array is called the size or length of that array.

For example:

Int ages[10];

Here, size of the array ‘ages’ is 10, which means that we can store 10 int value in this array.

  1. Index

The location number of an item in an array is called index or subscript of that element. In the above example, the numbers 0 to 5are called index of each element.

List three uses of array?
1 Array is used to store many values with same name.

  1. Array is used to process many values quickly and easily.
  2. Array is used to sort many values easily.
Distinguish between 1-D array and 2-D array?
1-D Array consists of only single row or single column. Each element of this array can be accessed using one index value.

2-D Array consists of multiple rows and columns. Each element of this array is accessed using two index values.

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