KPK Board 12th class Chemistry Ch 24 Analytical Chemistry questions answers

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Mardan Board 12th classes short questions Answer

Peshawar Board 12th classes short questions Answer

Swat Board 12th classes short questions Answer

Dera Ismail Khan Board 12th classes short questions Answer

Kohat Board 12th classes short questions Answer

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Bannu Board 12th classes short questions Answer

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Why magnesium perchlorate is used as H2.0 absorber?

Magnesium perchlorate is an excellent dehydrating agent used in the combustion analysis. It does not become sticky when exposed to air and the glass tube can easily be cleaned.

Acetic acid contains only C, H and O.A 5gm sample of acetic acid is completely burnt. It gives 3.00gm of water and 7.33gm of CO, is produced. What is the mass percentage of each elements in acetic acid. Also calculate the empirical formula of acetic acid.


mass of Acetic acid = 5gm

mass of H2O=3gm

mass of Co2 = 7.33gm

%age of elements =?

Empirical formula =?

Mass of CO2/mass of compx12/44x100o

C =7.33/5×12/44×100=39.7

%age of H2, = mass of H20/mass of compx2.02/18 x100


%age of H2 = 0.6×0.11×100 = 6.6%

%age of O2, = (100-%C+%H)

%age of O2, = 100-39.7 +6.6

%O2, = 53.7%

Moles of C = 39.7/12 = 3.30moles

Moles of H = 6.6/1.01 = 6.5

Moles of O2,=53.7/16=3.35

Molar Ratio

C                 :          H                 :       O

3.30/3.30:     6.5/3.30     :3.35/3.30

1              :         1.95       : 1.01

As 1.96 ͌ 2 So

С      H       O

1      2       1

So empirical formula acetic acid is CH2O

Isoprene is a liquid compound that can be polymerized to form synthtic. It is composed of 88.17% carbon and 11.83% hydrogen. Its me mass is 68.11g/mole. What are its empirical and molecular formulae?


%age of C = 88.17%

%age of H = 11.83%

Molar mass = 68.11g/mole

Empirical formula =?

Molecular formula =?

Moles of C – 88.17/12=7.34mole

Moles of H2, = 11.83/ 1.01=11.83

Molar Ratio =

C                     :                 H

7.34/7.34      :         11.83/7.34

1                      :         1.61

Now multiply it with 5 to get simple ratio

Simple ratio

C        :      H

5 (1       :   1.6)

C5H8  empirical formula.

Now molecular formula if isoprene

Empirical formula mass = C5H8

= 60+8= 68g

n=M.mass 68/ E.F.mass= 68/68=1

M.Formula = nx Empirical formula

= 1xC5H8

M.formula = C5H8

This shows that both empirical and molecular formulas of isoprene’s are same



Why modern method of analysis is superior over classical methods of analysis?

Modern methods of analysis are superior over classical methods because of the following reasons.

  1. Small amount of chemicals are required.
  2. Chemicals are not wasted in large amount.
  3. These methods are rapid and less time consuming.
  4. They give more accurate results.
  5. These methods are simple and do not involve much chemistry as compared to the classical methods.
Write down the main functions of IR, UV-visible and NMR spectroscopy?

(i) IR Function: The main function of IR spectroscopy is identification of different functional group present in an organic compound.

  1. ii) UV-Vis: The main function of UV-visible spectroscopy is to measure the conjugation of double bonds.

iii) NMR: The main function of NMR spectroscopy is to determine the number and kind of protons present in an organic compound.

  1. iv) Mass Spectroscopy: The main function of mass spectroscopy is to give informations about molecular mass of an organic compound.

Conclusion: All these four techniques helps the organic chemist to determined the structure of an organic compound.

What is meant by Beer-Lambert's Law? Explain.

Ans. Beer-Lambert’s Law state that the ”quantity of light absorbed by a substance dissolved in a fully transmitted solvent is directly proportional to the concentration of substrate and path length of light through the solution.


Why it is necessary to use quartz cuvets in the U.V region, but less expensive glass or plastic cuvets are acceptable in the visible region.

The quartz cuvets are transparent in the UV region while glass cuvets shows maximum absorbance in UV region. However they can be used in visible region where they are transparent.

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