KPK Board 12th Class Biology Ch 19 Behavior Short Questions Answers

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Define behaviour?

It is the aggregate of response to stimuli for given situations that changes in response to stimulus it is the action that alters the relationship between organism and its environment the study of behaviour of organism is called orthology.

write down the type of behaviour?

behaviour is divided into two main types in eight behaviour learning behaviour it is a type of behaviour That depends on the hereditary material with the animal in Young Spider will spin a web in first attempt is called innate behaviour learning behaviour this type of behaviour depends on the environment influence and experience .

What is the effect of genetics on behaviour?

behavior genetics is also called psycho genetics it is the study of influences of an organism genetic composition on its behaviour methods of study quantitative genetic method are used to estimate the net effect of genetic and environment factors on individual differences in any Complex trait including behaviour  traite It provide evidence for wid separate influence of gene on behaviour.

What are biological rhythms?

it is field of Biology that periodic changes in living things and their adaptation  and lunar  rhythm annual Rhythm  it is known as Cromo Biology it is the variation of timing and duration of biological activities of organism occur for many essential process eating sleeping migration.

write down characteristics of innate behaviour?

following are the characteristics of innate behaviour these responses are built in the nervous system during development this behaviour is automatic in 8 responses are not forgotten it has a survival value for organism.

what or the common character of simple and complex innate behaviour?

heritable encoded in DNA and passed in generation.

intrinsic present in animals there in isolation from others.

stereotypes performed in the same way each time by each individual.

in flexible not modified consummate expressed at first performance .

What are reflexes?

reflex action or movement of the body that happens automatically as a reaction to stimulus; these are the natural ability to react quickly. Control reflexes are controlled by spinal cord example blanking of eye withdrawal of hand from hot objects.

What is the orientation behaviour?

these are the coordinated movement that occur in response to external stimuli there are two types of orientation behaviour it is the change in speed of moment it is helpful for organism to live in an environment this type of behaviour enable will happens to reach the most are required for their life  is called kinases these are directional movement that word are away from a stimulus is called taxis.

What are tropic movements?

These are the directional Movement in response to external stimuli geotropism; it is a Movement in response to gravity phototropism; it is the movement in response to light movement of shoots.

What are the basic characteristics of learning behaviour?

The following are the basic characteristics of learning behaviour non heritable acquired only through observation and experience behaviour absent in animal days in isolation per mutable pattern make change in time adaptable capable of modification progressive subject to improvement.

What is the type of learning behaviour?

happy tuition it is the simplest form of learning it is not respond to some important stimuli imprinting brief exposure of an organism to the stimulus with long lasting effect is called imprinting conditioning reflex type1 involve the pairing of irrelevant stimuli within a natural primary stimulus conditioned reflex 2 it is also known as a parent conditioning it is learning by consequences latent learning it is a separation of indifferent stimuli our situation without clear award insight learning it is the extreme cases of behaviour modification involving the the application of insite our reasoning for new situation.

What do you know about social behaviour?

it consists of a set of interaction among individual of same species it is the advanced animal behaviour type all social behaviour may be fighting into one of these three types aggressive behaviour that involve the activities which involve motive of attack Orange cap Cooperative behaviour it is the working together of individuals for the benefits of the group reproductive behaviour it is highly specialised and complex in this type the parental behaviour call the care of the young ones.

write down the aggressive behaviour?

It is showing  threat poster ritual and sometimes physical attack function aggressive have various functions displacement of other organisms from an area of shelter food defence made  severe cases in severe cases aggressive behaviour can add in death of one organism during the fight.

What do you know about territorial behaviour?

These are the variety of behavioural activities associated with  territory formation.

For example spidermonkey from a loss group of 15 to 25 animals for travelling they break into two and eight animals that travel throughout the day and feedWithin a core of their territory.

when there two different troops come together the mail in each group displays their territorial behaviour such as calling and working.

What do you know about dominance hierarchies?

It is a system or set of relationship of animals in which Are linear are nearly linear ranking exist with each animal dominant over those below it these are best known in social mammals baboons and wolve it also exist in words and name as peck order.

importance it is important for reproductive success access to food resources.

what do you know about altruistic behaviour?

it is the behaviour in which some organism expand time and energy in caring of other members the female Baboon protect and care for offspring for almost 6 years months buzzfeed and protect their young and tie they are capable of waiting themselves social insects so altruistic behaviour was and aunt in honeybees female workers are sterile the spent all their life looking after their brothers and sisters.

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