KPK Board 10th Class Physics Ch 8 Information and communication technology Short Questions Answers

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Identify the most reliable means of storing information.

All the storing devices accept a few like floppy disc which are not used now a days are the reliable means of storing information.

Explanation:   Each storage  devices has its unique ability which makes it better than other. You cannot use one storage device in a place of another e.g. hard disk cannot be replaced by CD or cloud. Similarly, if you want to share data with a person for a way from you, you will use cloud and cannot use a hard disk. In short, each storage device is most important in reliable.   

How information is different from data?

Difference between data and information is as follows:

  1. Raw facts gathered about a condition, event, idea, entity or anything else which is bare and random, is called data. Information refers to facts concerning a particular event or subject, which are refined by processing.
  2. Data are simple text and numbers, while information is processed and interpreted data.
  • Data is in an unorganized form, i.e. it is randomly collected facts and figures which are processed to draw conclusions. On the other hand, when the data is organized, it become information, which present data in a better way and gives meaning to it.
  1. Data is based on observations and records, which are stored in computers or simply remembered by a person. As against this, information is considered more reliable than data, as a proper analysis is conducted to convert data into information by the researcher or investigator.
  2. Data is not always specific to the need of the researcher, but information is always specific to his requirements and expectations, because all the irrelevant in facts and figures are eliminated, during the transformation of data into information.
  3. When it comes to dependency, data does not depend on information. However, information cannot exist without data.
Why frequency band for uplink and downlink is different in transmission of microwaves through space?

Reasons:   The main reason that the up- link frequency is higher, is because the freq. and the attenuation have direct relation. The more the frequency the more the attenuation. Because of that we need more powerful device to sent the signal.

Explanation:          Because on the earth we are able to equip the facilities easier and there is no weight limitation, we are able to sent stronger single and compensate the attenuation loss. On the other hand, in the down – link, because we have some space and weight limitations on the satellite, we should diminish the attenuation. So, we should reduce the freq. to make a trade – off in that case.

What dose cell in ‘cell phone’ refers to?

In wireless telephony, a cell is the geographical area covered by a cellular telephone transmitter.

Explanation:          The transmitter facility itself is called the cell site. The cell provided by a cell site can be form on mile to twenty miles in diameter, depending on terrain and transmission power. Several coordinated cell sites are called a cell system. When you sign up with a cellular telephone service provider, you generally are given access to their cell system,   which is essentially local. When travelling out of the range of this cell system, the cell system can enable you to be transferred to a neighboring company’s cell system without you being aware of it. This is called roaming service. The cell sites in a system connect to a Mobile Telephone Switching Office (MTSO), which in turn connects to the standard landline telephone system.

Can internet be used for shopping? Give an example.

A Yes internet can be used for shopping and “Amazon” ( is  one of the best examples of online shopping site.

Explanation: Shopping on the internet is a relatively new shopping mode farming in 1993. Consumers can used home computers to strike online deals without ever visiting a showroom. Because of the many advantages such as convenience, high-efficiency, and low cost, internet shopping as flourished.

How a flash drive is different from other storage devices?

Flash drive is different from other storage devices because it has no moving parts that an optical drive or a traditional hard drive have. A flash drive is often affordable and cost inch less than previously floppy disk you can store different kinds of files on a USB flash drive and they will remain there unless you delete them. A USB flash drive can usually be used for a long time as long as you use in properly to avoid unexpected damage or corruption.

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