KPK Board 10th Class Physics Ch 2 Sound Short Questions Answers

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Why is sound produced by simple pendulum not heard?

Ans.       Sound produced by simple pendulum is not heard because of law frequency. Simple pendulum produces infrasound which we cannot hear.

Explanation:   Human ear can a sound of frequency greater or equal to 20 HZ. In case of simple pendulum its frequency is always lower than 20 HZ due to which we cannot hear its sound.

if a ringing bicycle bell is held tightly by hand stops producing sound. Why?

Ans.       A bicycle bell stops vibration when it is held tightly by hand due which is stops producing sound.

Explanation:       A ringing bicycle bell produces sound because of the vibration of particles ( atoms or molecules ) of the metal surface of the bell. When you hold it tightly, it stops vibration due to which the bell stops producing sound.

Why is the intensity of an echo less than that of original sound?

Ans.       The intensity of an echo is always less than that of original the hard body from which the sound is reflected.

Explanation:       As sound is a form of energy, when it travels in any medium and then reflects from a hard surface, it losses some energy in its way. Also, some parts of energy is being absorbed by the hard surface. When the reflected sound ( echo ) is heard, its intensity becomes lower than that of original sound.  

In which medium air or water, an echo is heard sooner? Why?

Ans.       In water an echo is heard sooner because in water speed of sound is greater than in air.

Explanation:       In echo sounds travels in a medium and then reflects from a hard surface and reaches the listener. This traveling of sound waves is at high speed in water as compared to air. In air speed of sound is about 343m/s ( at common room temperature of 20 °C ) while in water its value is 1540 m/s. that is why in water an echo will be heard sooner than in air.

Why sound cannot be heard on moon?

Ans.       Sound cannot be heard on moon because there is no medium for sound to travel through.

Explanation:       Sound is a longitudinal mechanical wave which needs medium for its propagation. On moon there is almost no medium in which sound waves can travel. That is why astronomers use special helmets which include radio communicators for them to communicate with each other.

A person place his ear on rails of railroad for determination of coming train. Why is this done, and how does it work?

Ans.       The person places his ear on rails of railroad in order to indicate the coming train than hearing its sound in air because sound travels very high speed in metals (rail of railroad) as compared to air.

Explanation:       In steel speed of sound is about 4500m/s while in air it is just 343 m/s ( at room temperature of 20 °C). Due to high speed of sound in steel, when ear is placed on the rail, sound due to vibration of railroad is heard which indicates a coming train. This vibration is heard very early than you hear the sound in air.

When you watch a thunderstorm, you see the lightning first and thunder afterwards. Why is the thunder sound delayed from thunder light?

Ans.       The thunder light is seen earlier than thunder sound is heard because light travels much faster than sound in air.

Explanation:       Speed of light in air is c= 3 m/s where as speed of sound in air is 343 m/s. it is because of this reason that we see the light of thunder much earlier than we hear its sound.

If the speed of sound is dependent on frequency, would music from marching band be enjoyed?

Ans.        No, if the speed of sound is dependent on frequency, the music from marching band will change and hence not be enjoyed.

Explanation:         The universal relation for the speed of sound wave is given by

v = ∫ƛ

If speed depends upon the frequency of sound, then sound of different instruments (having different frequencies) will be heard at different speeds. This will produce an uneasy feeling in your mind and you will get disturbed.

Why does your voice sound fuller in the shower?

Ans.       Our voice sound fuller in the shower because it impacts the volume of our voice.

Explanation:       This is because of the hard and smooth surfaces of your bathroom. Sounds reflect better off these types of surfaces. They move back and forth between the walls of the shower and don’t fade as quickly as they would in a more open space. This is why your voice seems powerful when you’re hitting those high notes in the shower.

Why is it so quiet after a snowfall?

Ans.       It is so quiet after a snowfall because when light and fluffy snow accumulates on the ground, it acts as sound absorber.

Explanation:       Snow is going to be porous and typically porous materials such as fibers and foams, and things of that sort, absorb sound pretty well. That implies that a good amount of sound is going to be absorbed. That is why it is so quiet after a snowfall.

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