KPK Board 10th Class Computer Ch 6 Computer Logic and Gates Short Questions Answers

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How data is presented in a computer, explain briefly.

Ans. Computer is an electronic device / machine. It makes input in certain form, processes it and given the useful results / information according to user’s instructions. The term data is defined as
“Collection of raw / unprocessed facts & figures about an entity in the world”
By computer data, we mean the data that is input / stored / processed / output from the digital computer. Such the data is represented in ON and OFF electronic form. It is also called digital data or binary data. It is comprised of “Os” and “1s”. the On value is represented by 1 and Off value is represented by 0. Both (0 and 1) are called binary digits (0 and 1). The “1” means a pulse of electricity while the “0” means no pulse or absence of pulse.
BIT stands for Binary Integer. In digital / binary system, the binary digit (0 or 1) is called a bit. It is the smallest possible unit of digital / binary / computer data.
Collection of eight (8) bits is called Byte. Byte is considered as the basic unit of computer data / memory. It ______ to represent the computer data. In most of the computer system, ‘One Byte’ represents one character of data. It can be the first alphabet ( A…Z or a … z), numeric digits ( 0…9) or special character key like !, @, # , % , etc. for example ‘A’ is the first capital alphabet. To store / save data in the memory, one byte (8 bits) is used.
A = 01000001 (65)
Similarly B = 01000010 (66)
The other formats of computer data like image, voice and videos etc are also stored in their specified digital format.
One Bit
1 0 1 1 1 0 1 0
One Byte
The Larger unit if computer data are Kilo Byte, Mega Byte, Giga Byte, Tera Byte, Peta Byte, Exa Byte, Zette Byte, Yotta Byte etc
1024 Bytes = 1 Kilo Byte (1KB)
1024 Kbytes = 1 Mega Byte (1 MB)
1024 Mbytes = 1 Giga Byte (1GB)
1024 GBytes = 1 Tera Byte (1TB)
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