KPK Board 10th class Chemistry Ch 8 Chemical Industries short questions answers

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How you convert into.

is Converted into by calcinations process. During this process, dry sodium loicarbonate is heated in a rotator furnace called calciner to give anhydrous sodium carbonate called soda ash.

Enlist the different uses of urea?

Uses of urea
ð About 86% of urea manufacted is used as solid fertilizer.
ð Urea- formaldehyde resins have large use as a palywood adhesive / glues.
ð Malamine – formaldehyde resin are used as dinnerware and for making extra hard surfaces.
ð Used for making urea nitrate which is an explosive.
ð Used as a saw material for the preparation of many important chemical compounds like plastic, resins and various adhesives.

Differentiate between mineral & ore.

The compounds of metals occurring naturally in the earth are called mineral and the minerals from which metals can be extracted easily and converiently are called ores.

Define metallurgy. What are its steps?

The process of extracting metals from their ores is called metallurgy;
ð Various steps involved in metallurgical process are
a) Concentration of are.
b) Crushing and grinding of ore
i) Hand picking
ii) Hydraulic washing
iii) Froath floatation
c) Roasting
d) Melting
e) Bessemerization
f) Electrolytic refining.

What is the function of froath floatation process.

Ans. The main function of froath floatation process is to separate the sulphide ore from gangue.

On what basis the different fractions of petroleum are separated.

Petroleum is separated in to different fractions on the basis of their boiling points.

What is slaked lime? How slaked lime is produced.

Calcium hydroxide Ca( is called slaked lime. Slaked lime can be prepared when quick lime is dissolved in water.
(Quick lime) (slaked lime)

Asses the composition of urea and calculate the percentage of nitrogen in it.

Molecular mass
Of urea
Atomic mass of nitrogen = 14
% of Nitrogen = ?
Formula: % of N = 100
% of N = 100 = 46.66 %

What is gangue and where it is found?

The earth materials such as sand, rock, clay and other impurities attached with the ore are called gangue. Gangue is found / present in earth.

How blister copper is purified?

The impure blister copper is refined by electrolytic process. Electro-refining process involves the following steps:
i) A large plate of impure blister copper is made anode.
ii) A thin rod or sheet of pure copper is made as cathode.
iii) The electrolyte is copper sulphate solution [ and dilute
iv) The potential difference is 1-3 volt in this process.
v) During electrolysis copper ions from solution deposits on cathode. Similarly the copper anode dissolves to give more copper ions.
vi) The impurities [Ag, Au and pt mud & ] in the anode, settle down at the bottom and are removed as anode mud.
vii) Copper obtained by this method is 99.90% pure.
ð Various chemical reactions taking place are
ð Anode Reaction:
Cathode Reaction: Cu (99.9% pure)

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