KPK Board 10th Class Biology Ch 8 Biotechnology Short Questions Answers

KPK Board 10th Class Biology Ch 8 Biotechnology Short Questions Answers

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We provided 10th class Biology short questions answers on this page of all KPK boards. Students of KPK boards can prepare the Biology subject for annual examinations.

In this List we have included all KPK boards and both Arts and Science students. These Boards students can prepare their exam easily with these short question answer section

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Write about any four products developed through fermentation.

Following are the some fermentation products:
1) Alcohol:
ØIt is the fermentation products of yeast and bacteria.
ØIt is produced by the fermentation of molasses [a thick brown juice of sugar]
ØDuring fermentation the carbohydrates are converted into CO2 and ethyl alcohol.
ØIn medicines alcohol are widely used.
2) Yogurt:
ØIt is a dairy product which contains lactic acid.
ØIt is produced by bacterial fermentation of milk.
ØMilk contains a sugar called lactose.
ØThis lactose is converted into lactic acid.
ØFlavors of different yogurts are due to the different micro organisms used for flavoring.
3) Bread:
ØIt is food derived from milk.
ØIt is formed by the coagulation of milk protein casein.
ØIt is produced in a wide range of flavor and texture.
ØIt comprises proteins and fats from milk usually of cow, goat and sheep etc.

Name any four micro organisms used in biotechnology. Also name the process in which they are used.

Ans. 1. Aspargilis: Single cell protein
2. Lactobacillus Lactic acid fermentation
3. Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Alcoholic fermentation
4. E-coli: Gene cloning

Why are vectors used in genetic engineering?

Ans. Vctors carry foreign DNA so vectors are used in genetic engineering.

Write any five advantages of biotechnology in the field of agriculture.

Ans. Advantages of biotechnology in agriculture:
i) Higher crop yields.
ii) Higher resistance to diseases.
iii) Less pesticide is needed to be used due to insect pest resistant plants.
iv) Genetically modified organisms (GMO) crops last longer. This decreases the amount of wasted crops and foods.
v) Developed of new kinds of crops that can be grown at extreme climates. For example scientist developed a type of tomato that grows in salty soil.

How is yogurt produced through the use of biotechnology?

Ans. Fresh milk is fermented using lactic bacteria as “cultures” (Lactobacillus). The bacteria is added to heated milk, and the milk is then incubated at a specific temperature to maximize the activity of the bacteria.
The bacteria convert the lactose ( milk sugar) to lactic acid, which thickens the milk and gives it the characteristic of yogurt

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