KPK Board 10th Class Biology Ch 5 reproduction Short Questions Answers

KPK Board 10th Class Biology Ch 5 reproduction Short Questions Answers

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How can vegetable methods of reproduction be used to achieve better yield?

Vegetables method id used to achieved better quality of yield due to the following reasons:
Ø It is rapid, cheap and easy method of reproduction.
Ø Genetically identical plants are produced by this method.
Ø Early flowering and fruit formation.
Ø Good and describe character are retained in the offspring.
Ø Only one plan is involved.

Differentiate between internal and external fertilization. Which type of fertilization is ensure better chances of fusion of gametes.

Types of fertilization:
There are two types of fertilization in animal i.e. external and internal fertilization.
(a) External Fertilization:
Ø The fertilization which occurs outside the body of an organism.
Ø In such cases the gametes fuses outside the body.
Ø Such type of fertilization occurs in aquatic [water] medium because the gametes are directly dried on land.
Ø In this type the male and female produce their gametes at the same time and close to each other.
Ø The female lay enormous o r large number of eggs because mostly are destroyed by water currents.
Ø This type of fertilization are occurs in amphibians and fishes.
(b) Internal Fertilization:
Ø A type of fertilization that occurs inside the body of an organism.
Ø In this type of reproduction, the fusion of gametes occurs inside the body in female reproduction tract.
Ø After internal fertilization, there are two ways for the development of fertilized egg.
§ Some animal like reptiles and birds lay fertilization eggs which are covered by a hand shell for the protection of the embryo.
§ Inside the egg shell further development takes place.
§ In some animals like majority of mammals the fertilized egg remains in the reproductive tract of the female.
Ø The development of embryo takes place there.
Ø In this case extra protection is provided to the embryo.

What is population planning? Why it is important?

Population Planning:
Ø A policy attempting to limit the growth of population in number in poor populated part of the world.
Ø Pakistan is one of the world, highest population growth rates.
Ø According to population census conducted in 2017 Pakistan’s population is nearly 208 million.
Ø The population of KPK is about 30,523,371.
Ø Average annual growth rate of Pakistan is 2.4% while the average rate in KPK is 2.89%.
Ø Pakistan’s population will be exceed to 208 million in 2020 at the current growth rate of about 2.4% annually.

How does self pollination bring more variations in plants?

Self pollination is not yet produces more variations in plants, although it increases the chance for a plant to produce successfully and reach to their maturity.

How can the spread of HIV can be controlled? What is the role of community and NGOs in the control of ALDs?

The spread of HIV can be controlled if we take care of:
(1) In blood transfusion.
(2) Use of infected needle and syringes.
(3) Immoral sexual activity.
(4) Sharing razors with infected person.
Roles of community in controlling ALDs:
Ø The national AIDs control programme and its provincial units are currently implanting a comprehensive programme through the country to halt the HIV epidemic.
Ø They educate common people as well as parliamentarians, media personnel, educationist and religious leaders etc.
Ø They also organize events like in the world AIDs day to arises awareness about the issue.
Role of NGOs:
Ø Many NGOs serve to coordinate HIV prevention and control activities in all the provinces of Pakistan.
Ø NGOs are active in educating people and supporting HIV patients.
Ø It is believed that they are reaching less than 5% of vulnerable population.

Name the four whorls present in flower. Also describe the component of each whorl.

Flower is the reproductive structure of a plant. It contains the following parts:
Ø It is specialized leaf which is present at the swallon tip from which a flower is made. Flower is made of four concentric whorls or rings.
(a) Sepals:
Ø It is the outermost whorl.
Ø It form calyx.
Ø It is usually green.
Ø They protect the inner part of a developing flower before is opens.
(b) Petals:
Ø It is the second whorl of flower.
Ø Petals combine and forms corolla.
Ø Petals are of different colore.
Ø It attracts insects for pollination due to their bright color.
© Androecium:
Ø It is the third whorl of the flower.
Ø It contains a male reproductive structure called stamen.
Ø Each stamen is consists of anther and a filament.
Ø Anther is the upper swallon p which contains pollen sacs [microsporangium in which microscope are produced.
Ø The filament of the stamen supports the anther.
(d) Gynocecium:
Ø It is the innermost whorl of the flower.
Ø It contains a female reproductive structure called carpals.
Ø Carpals is made of three components:
§ Stigma: The tip of carpal
§ Style: It is a stalk like structure
§ Ovary: It is the enlarged base of carpal.
Ø Inside the ovary there are ovules [ megasproangia ] which produce megaspores.

How are wind pollinated flowers are different from insect pollinated flowers?

Adaption to insect pollination flower:
The flowers which are pollinated by insects are called entomophious flowers. It may pollinated by bats, birds and other animals.

Why do seed need water and oxygen for germination?

Ans. Conditions necessary for seed germination:
(a) Water:
Ø Water enters the seed through microphyll.
Ø It causes bursting of seed coat.
Ø It helps in emerging root from the seed.
Ø It elongates hypocotyls and epicotyls.
Ø It activities enzymes.
Ø It the digest the food for feeding embryo.
(b) Oxygen:
Ø Most seed require oxygen for germination.
Ø It is needed for oxidative metabolism (OR) for cellular respiration so that they can get energy from stored food.

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