KPK Board 10th Class Biology Ch 2 Homeostasis Short Questions Answers

KPK Board 10th Class Biology Ch 2 Homeostasis Short Questions Answers

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Define homeostasis and osmoregulation.

Homeostasis: The abilty of an organism to maintain its internal environmental constant is called homesostasis.
Osmoregulation: The maintenance of water and solutes level in the body is called osmoregulation.

Differentiate between the adaptation of hydrophytes and xerophytes for osmoregulation.

Hydrophytes: [ hydro; water – phyte; plant]
Those plants which grow in water or near water are called hydrophytes.
Adaptation: 1. Halophytes are salt tolerator not salt lover.
2. They posses spines. 3. Stem contains water storage tissues.
4. They have thick waxy layer on epidermis of leaves.

Briefly explain how kidney control the composition of blood?

Kidney control the composition of blood by osmoregulation and excretion [ – for detail see osmoregulation by kidney].

Enlist in our diet which are more likely to cause kidney stone?

In our diet mostly calcium and oxilates causes kidney stones which are mostly found in green leafy vegetables and tomatoes.

Define lithotripsy.

Lithotripsy: Litho; stone – tripsy; to break
Ø A treatment using ultrasound shockwaves by which a kidney stone are broken down into small particles that can be passed out by the body in urine.
Ø It is done by a machine called lithotripsy.
Ø It is a non surgical method which is used to break up stones present in kidney, ureter and uninary bildder.

What is the role of skin in thermoregulation?

Skin plays a role in protection, excretion and temperature regulation. In humans skin has been adapted as the organ for thermoregulation. Our normal body temperature is 37 ˚C. during exercise and metabolism of food heat is produced in result of witch body temperature rises. To lower the temperature again skin contains sweet glands by the help of which it decreases the temperature by glands by the help of which it decreases the temperature by seating.
If the body temperature cools from normal vasoconstriction occurs and also fats beneath skin prevent heat from loosing. By performing the above function we can say that skin as a homeostasis organ.

What term are used for the disease where one or both kidneys do not perform their function?

Renal failure.

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