FBISE 9th Class Physics Chapter 1 Measurement Short Questions Answers

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Class/Subject: 9th Class Physics

Chapter Name: Physics Security and Ethics

Board: FederalĀ  Board

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FBISE 9th Class Physics Chapter 1 Measurement Short Questions Answers

Define Physics?

Physics is that branch of science in which we study matter, energy, and their interaction. The laws and principles of physics help us to understand nature.

What are the physical quantities?

All measurable quantities are called physical quantities. These are characteristics of every object which are used to be measured to specify them. These characteristics of the object are known as physical quantities.

What are the base quantities?

The physical quantities which form the foundation for other physical quantities are called base quantities. Base quantities are the quantities based on which other quantities are expressed.

What are the derive quantities?

All the quantities, which can be described in terms of base quantities, are known as derived quantities. The quantities that are expressed in terms of base quantities are called derived quantities.

Define Unit?

Once a. is a standard of the set for a quantity then it can be expressed in terms of that standard quantity. The standard quantity is called a unit.

What are Base Units?

The units that describe base quantities are called base units. Each base quantity has its SI unit.

What is the meter rule? What is the least count of a meter rule used in the laboratories?

A meter rule is a length measuring instrument. It is commonly used in laboratories to measure the length of an object or distance between two points. It is one meter long which is equal to 100 centimeters. Each centimeter (cm) is divided into 10 small divisions called millimeters (mm). Thus, one millimeter is the smallest reading that can be taken using a meter rule and is called its least count.
Least count of meter rule = 0.1 cm or 1mm

What is measuring tape? What is the least count of measuring tape?

Measuring tapes are used to measure the length in meters and centimeters. A measuring tape is used by blacksmiths and carpenters. A measuring tape consists of a thin and long strip of cotton, metal, or plastic generally 10m, 20m, 50m, or 100m long. Measuring tapes are marked in centimeters as well as inches.
Least count of measuring tape = 0.1 cm or 1 mm

Define Vernire callipers?

An instrument used to measure small lengths such as internal or external diameter or Length of a cylinder etc. is called vernier callipers.

What do you know about lever balance?

A lever balance consists of a system of levers. When the lever is lifted placing an object in one pan and standard masses on the other pan, the pointer of the lever system move. The pointer is brought to zero by varying standard masses.

Define Sound?

It is the branch of physics that deals with the physical aspects of audible sound waves, their production, properties, and application.

What do you know about prefixes?

Multiples and sub-multiples of units can be expressed in terms of prefixes. Prefixes are the words or letters added before SI units.

What is zero error or zero correction?

To find the zero error, close the jaws of vernier calipers gently. If the zero lines of the vernier scale coincide with the zero of the main scale then the zero error is zero. Zero error will exist if the zero lines of the vernier scale are not coinciding with the zero of the main scale.

What I Positive error?

Zero error will be positive if the zero lines of the vernier scale are on the right side of the zero of the main scale. To get the correct value zero error must be recorded and subtracted from each reading.

What is a significant figure?

All the accurately known digits and the first doubtful digit in an expression are called significant figures. It reflects the precision of a measured value of a physical quantity.

Describe the Lord Kelvin statement?

When you can measure what you are speaking about and express it in numbers, you know something about it. When you cannot measure what you are speaking about or you cannot express it in numbers, your knowledge is of a meager and of an unsatisfactory kind.

Why is the use of zero error necessary in a measuring instrument?

If a measuring instrument has a zero error, readings taken by it will not be correct. By knowing the zero error first, necessary corrections can be made to find the correct measurement. Such a correction is called zero correction.

What is Andromeda?

Andromeda is one of the billions of galaxies of the known universe.

What are the main advantages of using the SI unit?

i. SI system is in use all over the world.
ii. Manipulation in this system is quite easy.

Name any five branches of physics?

i. Mechanics
ii. Thermodynamics
iii. Electromagnetism
iv. Atomic Physics
v. Plasma Physics

Describe the construction and working of beam balance?

Pots were used to measure grain in various parts of the world in ancient times. However, balances were also in use by Greeks and RomBeam balances are still in use in many places. In a beam balance, the unknown mass is placed in one pan. It is placed by putting known masses in the other pan.

What is StopWatch?

A stopwatch is used to measure the time interval of an event. Mechanical stopwatches have at least a count of up to 0.1 seconds. The digital stopwatch of least count 0.01s is common.

Define Measuring Cylinder?

A measuring cylinder is a graduated glass cylinder marked in millimeters. It is used to measure the volume of a liquid and also to find the volume of an irregular-shaped solid object.

Estimate your age in seconds.

Let present age = 15 years
= 15 x 365 days
= 5475 days
= 5475 days x 24 hours
= 131400 hours
= 131400 hours x 3600 second
= 473040000

Define scientific notation.

In scientific notation a number is expressed as some power of ten multiplied by a number between 1 and 0.

What is Negative zero error?

Zero error will be negative if the zero lines of the vernier scale are on the left side of the zero of the main scale.

What is Screw Gauge?

A screw gauge is an instrument used to measure small lengths accurately up to one-hundredth part of a millimeter. It is also called a micrometer screw gauge. Its accuracy is greater than a vernier callipers.

What is the physical balance?

A common physical balance is a laboratory instrument that is used to measure the mass of various objects by comparison.

What is Electronic Balance?

Electronic balances come in various ranges; milligram ranges, gram ranges, and kilogram ranges. Before measuring the mass of a body, it is switched ON and its reading is set to zero. Next place the object to be weighed. The reading on the balance gives you the mass of the body placed over it.

What do you know about the International System of Units (SI)?

With the development in the field of science and technology, the need for a commonly accepted system of units was seriously felt all over the world particularly to exchange scientific and technical information. The eleventh General Conference of weight and Measure held in Paris in 1960 adopted a worldwide system of measurements called the International system of units. The International System of units is referred to as SI.

What is meant by vernier constant?

The difference between one small division on the main scale and one vernier scale division is called the vernier constant. This is the minimum length that can be measured accurately with the help of vernier calipers.

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