FBISE 9th Class English Chapter 9 All is Not Lost Short Questions Answers

FBISE 9th class English Chapter 9 All is Not Lost Short Questions with answers are combined for all 9th class(Matric/ssc) Level students. Here You can prepare all English Chapter 9 All is Not Lost short question in unique way and also attempt quiz related to this chapter. Just Click on Short Question and below Answer automatically shown. After each question you can give like/dislike to tell other students how its useful for each.

Class/Subject: 9th Class English

Chapter Name: All is Not Lost

Board: Federal  Board

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  • Federal Boards 9th Class English Annual Examination
  • Schools 9th Class English December Test
  • Federal 9th Class English Test
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FBISE 9th Class English Chapter 9 All is Not Lost Short Questions Answers

What is an ICU in a hospital?

An intensive Care Unit (ICU), Critical Care Unit (CCU), Intensive Therapy Unit or Intensive Treatment Unit (ITU), is a highly specialized department of a hospital that provides intensive-care medicine.

To what extent does the recovery of a patient depend upon the doctor and the nurse?

The recovery of patient depends upon the doctor and the nurse to a very large extent. A patient cannot recover without their treatment and proper care.

What do you infer about the professional skills from the expression, “Try once for her”?

She had a dull confidence on her that she could make the patient recover. She is a very kind, sincere, devoted, and caring nurse. She stuck to her opinion. “Her once for her” speaks of her profession skills.

Identify kinds of noun used in the text.

Common Nouns, Proper Nouns, Material Nouns and abstract nouns have been used in the text.

Identify cognates in text.

Nurse, hospital, bus, eye, bed, person, patient, duty, head, leg, arm, machinery, battle.

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