FBISE 9th Class Computer Chapter 4 Data Communication Short Questions Answers

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Class/Subject: 9th Class Computer

Chapter Name: Data Communication

Board: FederalĀ  Board

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FBISE 9th Class Computer Chapter 4 Data Communication Short Questions Answers

Define Data Communication?

Data communication is the transmission of the data between two points. A data communication system is a collection of hardware and software arranged to communicate information from one location to another.

Define Data?

Data means any types of raw facts and figures which can be provided as input to the computer for processing. Data can be in the form of text, sound, graphics, images, or videos.

Define Data transmission?

Data transmission means sending information from one place to another using computer networks and data communication systems. In computer technology, it means sending streams of bits and bytes from one place to another using copper wire, Fibre optics, satellite communication, etc.

Define Analog signal?

A signal is a variation of physical quantity with time. The physical quantity can be temperature, pressure, rate of heartbeat, etc. An electrical signal is a change in voltage or current with time.

Define Digital signals?

Digital signals consist of binary digits 0 and 1 to represent information. These signals are transmitted by a series of “ON” and “OFF” signals by pulses of electricity of light. The “ON” signal represents binary 1 and the “OFF” signal binary 0.

Define Transmission Media?

Transmission media provide how data travels from source to destination. In other words, it is the pathway transmitting data.

What is Guided Media?

Guided media uses a cabling system that guides the data signals along a specific path. Different types of guided media are twisted pair, coaxial cable, and Fibre optic cable.

What is unguided media?

Unguided media signals travel through open space and nothing guides them along any specific path.

Why do satellites stay in orbit and never fall on the earth?

This is the law of inertia. The force of gravity acts upon a high-speed satellite to deviate its trajectory from a straight-line inertial path. Indeed, a satellite is accelerating towards the Earth due to the force of gravity. Finally, a satellite does all towards the Earth, only it never falls into the Earth.

Define Amplification?

Amplification refers to the strengthening of signal to solve the problem of solve attenuation in data transmission.

What is an amplifier?

An amplifier is a device used in data communication that receives weak signals, amplifies them, and then retransmits them.

Describe Signal-to-Noise Ratio.

The Signal-to-Noise ratio is the ratio of signal power to the noise power that causes errors in data transmission. In other words, it means the ratio of useful data transmission to errors caused by noise over a transmission medium.

Describe the characteristics of the communication channel.

The maximum number of bits that can be transmitted over a communication line is a characteristic of transmission media. If more bits per second are transmitted than the line is capable of, some information will be lost due to transmission errors.

What is meant by transmission impairments?

The errors that occur during data communication from one point to another are called transmission impairments.

Define Attenuation?

Attenuation is the fall of signal strength with the distance as the signal travels through the communication media. If the attenuation is too much, the receiver may not be able to detect the signal at all.

What is cross talk?

Cross talk occurs in guided media. As a signal is transmitted through a wire, undesired signals enter the path of the transmitted signal due to electromagnetic radiation. It is caused because of putting several wires together in a single cable.

What is a dial-up Modem?

The dial-up modem provides an Internet connection through a telephone line. The maximum speed of a Dial-up modem is 56 Kilobits per second which is very slow. It is being replaced by a faster DSL connection for the Internet.

Define Data Rate?

The data rate is the speed with which data can be transmitted from one device to another. It is generally measured in Kilobits (thousand bits) or Megabits (million bits) per second.

Define Baud Rate?

Baud is the rate of change of electrical signals per second during data communications. An electrical signal can have two or more than two states to represent binary digits 0 and 1.

Define Bandwidth?

Bandwidth describes the overall data transmission capacity of a medium or channel. It represents the amount of data that passes through a network connection per unit of time.

Differentiate between Asynchronous and Synchronous Transmission modes?

Asynchronous transmission: The transmission mode in which the time interval between each character is not the same is known as asynchronous transmission.
Synchronous transmission: The transmission mode, in which the time interval between the characters is always the same, is known as synchronous transmission.

Describe Radio Waves?

Radio waves are electromagnetic waves that are propagated by antennas. Radio transmission consists of a transmitter and a receiver. A transmitter transmits a radio signal to a receiver that receives it. Radio waves are used to transmit music, conservation, pictures, and data. Data can be transmitted over long distances using radio waves.

Describe Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology that uses radio waves to use connect portable electronic devices or short distances. It eliminates the need for cable connection and provides fast and reliable transmission. It supports the networking of a wide range of portable devices that work on low battery. These devices include a mobile phone, mouse, keyboard, wireless speaker, wireless headset, tablet, laptop computer, and personal computer.

Describe Satellite?

A satellite is an object that is placed in an orbit around the earth and revolves around it with a speed that is slightly faster than Earth’s average orbital speed for communication. It is a wireless receiver and transmitter used for transmitting data over a long distance at high speed. Ground stations beam signals through antennas to satellites. Satellites amplify and retransmit the signals to another ground station which can be located many thousands of miles

What is Router?

The router is a communication device that is used when two networks have to be connected for communication. They send information from one network to another by selecting the best pathway available.

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