FBISE 9th Class Computer Chapter 2 Fundamentals of Operating System Short Questions Answers

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Class/Subject: 9th Class Computer

Chapter Name: Fundamentals of Operating System

Board: FederalĀ  Board

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FBISE 9th Class Computer Chapter 2 Fundamentals of Operating System Short Questions Answers

What is an Operating System?

Ans. The operating system is a collection of system software that controls the working of the computer system. It acts as an interface between the computer. It facilitates program execution and helps in developing application programs.

What is Disk Operating System (DOS)?

Ans. DOS was the most popular CLI operating system. DOS displays the prompt (C:\>) to enter commands. The user must know the syntax of the commands. DOS commands are difficult to remember. Some DOS commands are still supported by the net Windows operating system. It is a single user and single-task operating system.

List the various step to create a new folder?

Ans. i. Go to the location where a folder is to be created.
ii. Right-click a blank area, point to New in the shortcut menu, and then click Folder.
iii. Type a name for the new folder and then press Enter key.

What is system installation?

Ans. A computer system consists of hardware and software. Before the use of a computer, the user must install the operating system and other required programs.

What is Recycle-Bin?

Ans. Recycle Bin is a temporary place (folder) for items that the user deletes from the hard disk. Deleted items can be restored if required.

What do you mean by managing data?

Ans. Managing data means storing files in secondary storage devices such as hard disk or USB flash drive, in an organized way in folders so that they can be accessed easily and quickly when needed.

Why an operating system is important software for a computer? Give any five reasons.

Ans. i. Process Management
ii. Memory Management
iii. Input/Output Management
iv. File Management
v. Resource Management

Define UNIX?

Ans. UNIX is a multi-user CLI operating system introduced in 1969. It allows multiple users to run different programs at the same time.UNIX was developed for use on a large computer system (Mainframe). It uses a command-line interface but later Graphical User Interface was also introduced.

Define Windows Operating System?

Ans. Windows is the most popular operating system used on microcomputers. It was developed by Microsoft. Many different versions of the Windows operating system were developed and used successfully in the past. Some of these versions are Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Millennium, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, and 10. The latest version is Windows 10.

What is meant by the resources of the computer?

Ans. The operating system automatically manages the resources of a computer when application programs are executed by the computer user. The resources of a computer include a microprocessor, memory, and all the devices attached to the computer. The operating system allocates resources of a computer to the application program according to the user’s requirement in an efficient way to improve the performance of the computer.

What is meant by Memory Management?

Ans. Memory management is the process of allocating memory space for user programs in the main memory. When programs are run by users, the operating system allocates portions of free memory to programs. When a program is closed, the operating system will free the memory portion used by that program for reuse. The operating system automatically loads user programs in available memory space and executes them.

What is meant by File Management?

Ans. The file management system is part of the operating system that organizes stores and keeps track of computer files and folders. Computer files can be documents, programs, images, videos, etc. The operating system controls the common operations performed on files. These operations include creating, opening, editing, remaining, moving, copying, deleting, and searching files.

What is meant by User Management?

Ans. User Management is an important feature of the operating system for maintaining a secure computer system. The operating system gives full control over a computer system to a person known as the administrator. An administrator installs various programs on the computer system for users. He also creates and manages user accounts. When a user account is created, the user is assigned a user name and a password. Administrators allow the users to run various application programs that are installed on the computer.

What is a Real-time system?

Ans. The real-time operating system must process information and produce a response within a specified time. These operating systems are developed for special applications.

Write a note on Macintosh Operating System?

Ans. Macintosh Operating System is a series of operating systems developed by Apple Incorporation for their Macintosh computers. It was introduced in 1984 with the original Macintosh computer and has GUI.

What is Shortcut Icon?

Ans. Shortcut icons are created to access a program, file, or folder quickly. They have an arrow at the bottom left corner and the name below it.

What is File Icon?

Ans. In a GUI, files are also represented by icons. A file may contain text, image, music, or video. Users recognize a file by its icon.

What is a Program Icon?

Ans. Executable program files are also represented by icons. Different graphical symbols are used for different program icons.

What is a Computer icon?

Ans. The computer icon allows the user to access the contents of computer drives and manage files and folders. When the user double-clicks on the Computer icon, it will open a window. It is used to navigate and manage computer resources.

What is LINUX Operating System?

Ans. LINUX is a free open-source operating system introduced by Linus Torvalds in 1991. It is faster but difficult to use as compared to Macintosh and Windows operating systems. It is not a popular operating system.

What is meant by Time-sharing System?

Ans. A Time-sharing system is a feature of the operating system in which multiple users can run different programs on a large-scale computer, it allows many users to have access to a computer at the same time and share’s the computer time. In a time-sharing system, the central processing unit is switched rapidly between the programs so that all the user programs are executed simultaneously.

What is meant by Batch Processing System?

Ans. In a batch processing system, jobs are grouped in batches and the computer executes them one by one. When the current job terminates, the computer automatically loads the next job and starts executing it. The batch processing operating system greatly improved the use of computer systems.

What is Graphical User Interface?

Ans. GUI is a graphical interface for computer users to interact with the computer. It uses windows, icons, menus, and pointer. The window is a rectangular portion of the monitor in which information is displayed. The icon is a graphical symbol that represents a file, folder, program, device, etc.

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