FBISE 9th Class Biology Chapter 2 Solving A Biological Problem Short Questions Answers

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Class/Subject: 9th Class Biology

Chapter Name: Solving A Biological Problem

Board: FederalĀ  Board

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FBISE 9th Class Biology Chapter 2 Solving A Biological Problem Short Questions Answers

Define biological method?

Any organized and systematic method which is used to resolve a specific biological problem is called the biological method of study.

Define hypothesis?

A tentative explanation of the observations is called a hypothesis.

What does the word malaria mean?

The word malaria has been derived from two Italian words.:
‘Mala’ means ‘bad’
‘Aria’ means ‘air’

What is the induction period?

The period between the entry of the parasite into the host and the appearance of symptoms is called the induction period.

What is a scientific law?

If a theory survives a doubtful approach and continues to be supported by experimental evidence, it becomes a law or principle.

What is Plasmodium?

Plasmodium is a microscopic parasitic protozoan that causes malaria. It completes its sexual phase of the life cycle in mosquitoes and the asexual phase in the body of a human.

Name different mosquitoes which spread different diseases in different organisms?

Culex mosquito
Anopheles mesquites
Aedes mesquites

What is the ratio?

The relation between two numbers expressed in terms of the quotient.

How hypothesis is framed?

A great deal of careful and creative thinking is necessary for the formulation of a hypothesis. Biologists use reasoning to formulate a hypothesis.

Defne deductions?

The logical consequences of the hypothesis are called deductions.

What is required for the maturation of the eggs of a female mosquito?

Female mosquitos need the blood of mammals or birds for the maturation of their eggs.

Define data?

The information such as names, dates, or values made from observations and experimentation is called data.

Define bioinformatics?

The use of computational and statistical techniques for the analysis of biological data is called bioinformatics.

How did Darwin formulate the theory of evolution?

Darwin not only observed and took notes during his voyage, but he also read the works of other naturalists to form his theory of Evolution.

Define Qualitative Observations?

Qualitative observations are less accurate, variable, and can’t be measured. These represent the quality of substance. e.g. beauty, intelligence, etc.

Define Quantitative Observations?

These represent quantity which can be measured in terms of numbers and are measurable and invariable.

What is the Control group?

It is the group of unaffected people, i.e. group of healthy persons in case of malaria.

What is an Experimental group?

The group of those who are affected in some way and we do not know the real cause, e.g. a group of malaria patients.

Define theory?

The hypothesis that stands the test of time (often tested and never rejected) is called a theory.

Why Cinchona bark is important in biologist's minds for treating malaria?

Cinchona is a plant and the biologist gets Quinine from the bark of cinchona.

Write major observations about malaria?

Malaria and marshy areas have some relation.
Quinine is an effective drug for treating malaria
It should be kept as simple as possible
It should be testable and potentially falsifiable

Define Observation?

The process of observing natural phenomena with the help of the five senses and scientific equipment.

What is the biological problem?

A query about life that is either asked by someone or comes in the biologist’s mind by himself.

What is the incubation period?

The period in between the entry of plasmodium parasite in the human body and the appearance of symptoms of malaria is called the incubation period.

What is the association of the anopheles mosquito with humans?

It is a female mosquito that transfers plasmodium from one person to another and it plays an important role in spreading malaria in humans.

What are the characteristics of a good hypothesis?

It should be a general statement
It should be a tentative idea.
It should agree with available observations.
It should be kept as simple as possible.
It should be testable and potentially falsifiable.

What is a representation of ratio?

A ratio may be expressed by putting a division or colon mark between two numbers.

Define proportion?

Proportion means to join two equal ratios by the sign of equality.

What is inductive reasoning?

The reasoning that uses general observation and draws specific hypotheses is called inductive reasoning.

Why Ronald Ross used sparrow in his experiment?

Ronal Ross used sparrow in his experiment because scientists avoid using human beings for experiments when results could be so serious.

Define Statistics?

Statistics are thus a means of summarizing data through the calculation of a mean value.

What are the observations of A.F.A. King?

People who slept outdoors were more likely to get malaria than those who slept indoors.
People who slept under fine nets were less likely to get malaria than those who did not use such nets.
People who slept near a smoky fire usually did not get malaria.

Why do welts appear after a mosquito bite?

The welts that appear after the mosquito leaves are not a reaction to the wound, but an allergic reaction to the saliva. In most cases, the itching sensation and swelling subside within several hours.

In what major biological problems is the knowledge of Mathematics used?

Gene finding
Protein structure
Protein-protein interactions

What is deductive reasoning?

The reasoning that uses general observation and draws specific hypotheses is called the deductive hypothesis.

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