9th Class Computer: chapter 1 Introduction to Computer Short Questions Answer

9th Class Computer: chapter 1 Introduction to Computer Short Questions Answer

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Q.1. Define computer?
Computer is an electronic device used to solve various problems according to a set of instruction given to it. A computer can accept data. It can process data into useful information and save it for later use. The result both computer can be used for a large number of application.
Q.2. How dose the abacus work?
Abacus was first computing device developed 5000 years ago. It was used to perform simple addition and subtraction. Abacus was a wooden rack. It contained horizontal wires with beads strung on them. All arithmetic calculation performed by moving the beads according to programming rules.
Q.3. How is John Napier important in the History of computer?
John Napier was a Scottish mathematician. he created logarithm table to facilitate calculation. He also created a device known as Napier’s bone. The device used rods to perform arithmetic calculation. It was designed in the early 17th century. The device was widely used by accountant ans bookkeepers.
Q.4. What is role of Pascal in the field of computer?
Blasse Pascal is a French mathematician. He invented a mechanical adding machine in 1642 known as Pascaline calculator. The machine contains the different metal wheels. Each wheel display the digit 0 to 9. It could only add and subtract numbers.
Q.5. Which machine was developed by Van Leibniz??
Van Leibniz was a German scientist. He developed a calculating machine in 1694. It was the first calculator that could multiply and divide also. It was similar to the Pascal’s calculator but it was more reliable and accurate.
Q.6. How an automatic mechanical calculating machine was designed?
Charles Babbage started his work in Cambridge, England to design an automatic mechanical calculating machine. he created the working model of machine by 1822. It was steam powered and fully automatic. It could also print the result. It was known as Difference Engine.
Q.7. What is defference engine?
Deffernce engine was an early calculator designed by Charles Babbage. It was automatic, mechanical calculating machine. It was steam powered and fully automatic. It could also print result.
Q.8. How were punched card used??
Punched card could stored data and result produced by computer. The invention of Punched cards opened a gate of modern data processing. These cards provided the facility of input, output and memory storage on a large scale.
Q.9. What is the idea of modern stored program EDC?
The idea of modern stored program EDC state that data and program can be stored in the same memory. The machine itself alter the program or internal data. The computing and programming became much faster, more flexible and efficient due to these ideas. The idea was adopted universally.
Q.10. How did VLSI technology affect the size of computer?
VLSI technology made it possible to place hundred of thousand of transistors on a single chip. This advancement continued and led to the introduction of personal computer. The personal computer is similar in size and inexpensive.
Q.11. Which technology was used in the first generation of computer?
The first generation computer used vacuum tubes. Vacuum tube was expansive because of material and skill required to manufactured it. It also become hot and burn out. The example of first generation computer are ENIVAC and UNIVAC.
Q.12. What you know about ENIAC?
ENIAC was first general-purpose electronic digital computer. It was vary heavy and large in size. It consume 140 kilowatts of power. It perform arithmetic operations in decimal number system. It had to be program manually by setting switches. It was the major drawback of ENIAC.
Q.13. What you know about UNIAC?
UNIAC Stand for Universal Automatic Computer. It was the first computer for commercial use. It was delivered to US burreau of census in 1951. It was used for scientific and commercial use.
Q.14. Which technology was used in the second generation of computer?
The second generation computer used transistors. The scientist of Bell Laboratories developed transistor in 1947. These scientist include John Berdeen, William Brattain and William. Shockley the size of computer decrease by replacing vacuum tubes by transistors.
Q.15. Write three advantages of transistors?
First, the size of transistor is very small. Secondly it dose not burn due to heat. Third it is cheaper in price.
Q.16. Which technology used in third generation of computer?
The third generation computer used integrated circuits. The first IC invented and used in 1961. The size of IC is 1/4 square inch. A single IC contain thousand of transistors. The computer became smaller in size, faster, more reliable and less expensive.
Q.17. Why is microprocessor more important in the computer?
Fourth generation computer started with the invention of microprocessor. The microprocessor is a complete processing circuit on a chip. It contains thousands of ICs. Ted Hoff produced first microprocessor in 1971 for Intel. the advancement made in technology. of integrated circuits.
Q.18. How the transistor is more useful than vacuum tube?
The transistor is more useful than vacuum tube because the size of 200 transistor is equal to a vacuum tube. the price of transistor is less than vacuum tube. It is also 40 times faster than vacuum tube. Transistor do not burn due to heat.
Q.19. how did microprocessor affect computer?
Microprocessor revolutionized the computer world. it greatly reduced the size of computer. The size of modern microprocessor is usually one square inch. It can contains the millions of electronic circuits. Microprocessors are used in many electronic devices such as microwave ovens, cars and wristwatches.
Q.20. Differentiate between analog and digital computer.
Analog computer provides continues value but digital computer provides discrete value. It has low speed but digital computer has big memory and high speed. Analog computer is less reliable but digital computer is more reliable.
Q.21. Which computer combines the characteristics of analog and digital computer?
A hybrid computer combines the characteristics of analog and digital computer. It can accept data in analog and digital form. It can also display output in both form. It can produced highly accurate and precise result. hybrid computers are used in robotic and medical labs.
Q.22. What type of computer you think is the most powerful?
Supercomputer is the most powerful computer. It is also very large in size. It can process huge amount of data. The fastest supercomputer can perform more than one trillion calculation per one second. A modern supercomputer consist of thousand of microprocessors. It can perform complex calculations.
Q.23. what is the purpose of mainframe computer?
Mainframe computer is designed to serve several thousand users at the same time. It is more powerful and consist of multiple processors. It can store huge amount of data.
Q.24. What type of organizations use mainframe computer?
Large organizations such as banks and airlines use mainframe for big computing jobs.
Q.25. differentiate mainframe computer and minicomputer?
Mainframe computer is used in large organizations while the minicomputer is used for the medium organizations. Mainframe computer can serve the thousands of users at the same time but the mini computer serve several hundred users in same time. Mainframe is more expensive than min computer.
Q.26. write some characteristics of mini computer?
Mini computer is a large and powerful computer. It can support input and output requirements of many users at a time. It can also be used in networked environment as server computer. It consist of two or more processors.
Q.27. What do you know about the micro computer?
Micro computer is also called personal computer. It is typically designed for individual users. It is less powerful as compared to mini computer and mainframe computer. It is very popular because of low price. It also used in business, education and other fields.
Q.28. What is difference between mainframe and personal computer?
Mainframe computer are generally larger, more expensive, powerful and more difficult to use than personal computer. They can serve several thousand users at the same time. Personal Computers is small, relatively inexpensive. they generally communicate with a single user.
Q.29. What is pocket computer?
Pocket computer easily fit in the hand of users. It contains the small and light batteries that can be recharged. It dose not have full keyboard. It contains small screen and small keyboard. Pocket computer use a special operating system. Some handheld computer support vice input.
Q.30. What do you know about the laptop computer?
A laptop is a mobile computer that has keyboard, screen and other devices integrated into a single compact case. It is designed to fit in the lap. It has batteries and can also be used many hours with out power supply. A laptop computer perform the same basic function as a desktop computer.It typically built in wireless communication facility.
Q.31. Define desktop computer?
Desktop computer is a most common type of personal computer. It is designed in the way that all its component fit in the desk or table. Most commonly used desktop computers are Apple and PC.
Q.32. Differentiate between laptop and desktop?
Laptop computer is designed for mobile computing and can be moved easily than desktop. Laptop is more expensive than desktop computer and consume less energy. Desktop computer can be expended than laptop computer.
Q.33. How is the use of computer technology important?
The use of computer technology is very important i every field of life. The use of computer makes the difficult task easier. It also save a lot of time and effort. It also reduced the overall cost to complete the particular task.
Q.34. How do computers assist us in simplify our work?
Computer is a machine that work according to the given instructions. It can not think or decide itself. It perform a verity of operation on a give data and generate the useful information for the user. The use of computer can simply our work.
Q.35. How are internet and computer important in banking?
Internet and personal computers in the banks have provided an opportunity for banking industry. Banks are using powerful computers to perform millions of transactions. Bank are providing the the facility of ATM. All ATMs are computerized and connected together through computer network. People can draw money through computer.
Q.36. How bank can benefit from the use of computer?
The use of computer in the bank has provided many benefits. It saves a lot of time and provides convenience for the costumer. Bank use powerful computer to maintain costumer accounts and perform millions of transaction easily and quickly.
Q.37. What is ATM?
ATM stands for Automatic Teller Machine. It is used to withdraw cash using bank card or credit card. It is normally accessible 24 hours a day.
Q.38. What is the advantage of using ATM in bank?
Ans: The advantage of ATM in bank is that the user can withdraw cash at any time. It is normally accessible 24 hours a day. It is normally accessible 24 hours a day.
Q. 39. How are computers used in retail applications?
The modern stores are use the computers for various purpose. The computer prepare bill in very less time. the user also use the cerdit card to purchase goods. It allows the costumers to conduct shopping without caring cash.
Q.40. What is UPC?
UPS stand for Universal Production Code. This is sequence of line which is read by a barcode reader. It is mostly found in manufactured product in the market.
Q.41. What is basic difference between vacuum tube and transistor?
The main difference is that the transistor is very small and less expensive than vacuum tube.
Q.42. Define program with one example.
A set of instruction given to computer to solve any kind of problem is called a computer program. For example program is used to find the average of three numbers.
Q.43. What is the use of programming language?
A set of words or symbol is used to write a program is called programming language. A programming language define format to write instructions in specific order. It also provide framework for expressing a logarithm. It is mean of communication between user and computer.
Q.44. name any five high level languages?
The five high level languages are Fortran, Pascal, C++, Java and Visual Basic.
Q.45. Distinguish between high level and low level language?
High level languages are easy to learn but low level languages are difficult to learn. High level languages provide less facility at hardware level but low level provide much facility at hardware level. High level language provide machine Independence but the low level language machines are dependent.
Q.46. Write the name of different language translators?
Different languages translators are assembler, compiler and interpreter.
Q.47. Why a language translator needed?
A language translator is needed to convert high level language programs into machine language. A program is written in high level language can not be run on a computer directly. It must be convert into machine language by using language translator.
Q.48. Write three function of language translators?
Translator check the program foe error, optimize the code and generate machine language for that program.
Q.49. How does a compiler work?
The compiler check each statement in the source program and generates machine instructions. Compiler also check the syntax error in the program. A source program containing a syntax error cannot be compiled.
Q.50. Why we prefer compiler over interpreter?
The compiler translate the whole program at once and makes an object program. The object program can be executed again and again. However interpreter dose not create the an object program. The program is translated every time in its executed. That’s why compiled is prefer over interpreter.
Q.51. How does an interpreter work?
An interpreter is a program that convert one statement of program into machine language at one time. It execute this statement before translating the next statement. If there is an error in the statement, the interpreter stops working and displays an error message.
Q.52. Write two difference between compiler and interpreter?
The compiler convert the instruction of high level language into machine language as a whole. An interpreter translates instruction of program at one time. The compiler generates object code but compiler does not generate any object code.
Q.53. Name the program written high level language?
The program written in high level language is known as source program.
Q.54. Name the program translated into machine code?
The program translate the machine code is known as object program.
Q.55. Differentiate between source code and object code?
A source code is written by programmer. It is human readable. The code which is generate by compiler from source code is called object code. Computer understand the object cod directly.
Q.56. What is meant by machine independence language?
Machine independence language means that program written in one language can be executed on different type of computers. For example, a program written in C can be executed on Intel processor and Motorola processor.
Q.57. write three design principles of BASIC?
The design principles of BASIC are following:
1. Be easy for beginners to use.
2. Be a general purpose language.
3. Provide clear and friendly error message
Q.58. Write any three positive impact of computer and internet on society?
First, the use of computer makes different tasks easier, quicker and efficient. Secondly, the computer is used in education to improve teaching and learning. Thirdly, computer and internet is used by people to conduct financial transactions.
Q.59. Write any three negative impact of computer and internet on society?
Firstly the use of computer and internet has increase unemployment as different task perform automatically. Secondly many people use computer with any purpose. Thirdly computer and internet is used in commit crimes.
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