9th Class Biology: chapter 1 Introduction to Biology Short Questions Answer

9th Class Biology: chapter 1 Introduction to Biology Short Questions Answer

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Here we are providing complete chapter wise Biology questions and Answers for the 9th class students. All the visitors can prepare for their 9th class examination by attempting below given question answers.

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Lahore Board 9th classes short questions Answer

Rawalpindi Board 9th classes short questions Answer

Gujranwala Board 9th classes short questions Answer

Multan Board 9th classes short questions Answer

Sargodha Board 9th classes short questions Answer

Faisalabad Board 9th classes short questions Answer

Sahiwal Board 9th classes short questions Answer

DG Khan Board 9th classes short questions Answer

Bahwalpur Board 9th classes short questions Answer

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Explain macromolecules with an example?
Molecules with high molecular weight are called macromolecules. E.g. Starch, Protein etc.
What do you mean by Organ Sstem?
Different organs performing related functions are organized together in the form of an organ system. In an organ system. Each organ carries out its specific function and the functions of all organs appear as the function of organ system.
Define Biotechnology?
Biotechnology is the branch of biology which deals with the practical application of living organisms to make substances for the welfare of mankin.
Describe two scientific contributions of Bu Ali Sina?
Bu Ali Sina is honoured as the ounder of medicine and called as Avicenna in the West. He was a physician, philosopher, astronomer and poet. One of his books “AL-Qanun-fiTib” is known as the canon of medicine in West.
How cell biology is different from histology?
Cell biology is the branch of biology which deals with study of cell while microscopic study of tissues is called histology.
Name any four unicellular organisms?
Bacteria, amoeba, paramecium and euglena are four examples of unicellular organisms.
What is meant by colonial organization?
In colonial type of cellular organization many unicellular organisms live together but do not have any division of labor among them. Each unicellular organism in a colony lives its own life and does not depend on other cells for its vital requirements.
Write the name of vegetative organs o plant?
Root stem and leaves are vegetative organs of plants.
Writer the names of three main divisions of biology?
Biology have been divided into three manin divisions: (i) Zoology (ii) Botany (iii) Microgiology
What are parasites?
The organisms that take food and shelter from living hosts and in return harm them are called parasites. E.g mosquito.
What is habitat and how it is different from community?
The area of environment in which organism live is called habitats. Habitat is different from community because in a community different organism lives in different types of habitats.
What is meant b Biogeography?
It studies the occurrence and distribution of different species of living organisms in different geographical regions o the world. It applies the knowledge of the characteristics of particular geographical regions to determine the characteristics o living organisms found there.
What mean b Bioelements?
Those elements which are the constituents of livings are called bioelements.
Define Histologyy?
Histology is the microscopic study of tissues and their functions.
Define entomology?
The branch of biology which study insects is called entomology.
Write the scientific name of mustard plant?
The scientific name of mustard plants is Brassica campestris.
Define Molecular Biolog?
Molecular biology deals with the stud of the molecules of life e.g. water proteins, carbohydrates lipids and nucleic acids.
Briefl explain tissue level ?
In multicellular organisms similar cells are organized into groups called tissues. Tissues are a group of similar cells specialized for the performance of a common function. Each cell in a tissue carries on its own life processes but it also carries on some special processes related to the function of the tissue.
Give the two examples of Macromolecules?
Examples of macromolecules are starch and proteins.
What is meant by fossils?
The remainder of old plants and animals are called fossil fuels.
What is immunology?
Immunology is the branch of biology which deals with the study of the immune system of animals which defends the body against invading microbes.
What is biosphere level?
The part of Earth inhabited by organisms communities is known as biosphere. It constitutes all ecosystems and is called the one of life on Earth.
What do you know about Genetics?
Genetics is the stud of genes and their roles in inheritance. Inheritance means the transmission of characters from one generation to the other.
What is difference between population and community?
Population: A population is a group of organisms of the same species located in the same place at the same time. For example number. Human population in Pakistan in 2010 is 173.5 million. Community: A communit is an assemblage of different populations interacting with one another within the same environment. A forest may be considered as a community.
Differentiate between Zoology and Botany?
Zoology: Zoology is the major division of biology which deals with the stud o animals. Botany: Botany is a division of biology which deals with the study of Plants.
Differentiate between Physiology and Taxonom?
Physiology: Physiology deals with the study of the functions of different parts of living organisms. Taxonomy: Taxonomy is the study of the naming and classification of organisms into groups and subgroups.
Name famous books of Jabir Bin Hayan and Abdul Malik Asmai?
Famous books of Jabir Bin Hayan: His famous books are “Al-Nabatat” and “Al-Haywan”. Famous books of Abdul Malik Asmai: His famous books include “Al-bil” “Al-Khail, “Al-Wahoosh”, and “Khalq al-insaan”.
Define Biophysics and Biochemistry?
Biophysics: In biophysics we study the principles of physics which are applicable to biological phenomena. For example the working principles of lever in physics and limbs of animals in biology are same. Biochemistry: Chemistry of different compounds and chemical processes of living organisms such as basic metabolisms o photosynthesis and respiration are studied in biochemistry.
Why Jabar bin Hayan is famous for?
Jabir Bin Hayan Famous for: He introduced experimental investigations in chemistry. He wrote a number o books on plants and animals. His famous books are “Al-Nabatat and “Al-Haywan.
How biotechnology helps mankind?
The latest profession in the ield o biology is biotechnology. It help in prearation of large amount of food for human being, latest medicines have been evolved by using biotechnology which are now more effective.
Differentiate between physiology and Morphology?
This branch deals with the study of the functions of different parts of living organism, while study of fomr and structure of living organisms is known as morphology.
What is meant b bioelements?
Those elements which take part in making the body mass of living organism are called bioelements. Out of total elements 16 are known as bioelements.
Define biometry?
Biometry deals with the study of biological process using mathematical techniques and tools. To analyze the data gathered after experimental work biologists have to apply the rules of mathematics.
What is farming?
In this profession different types of farms are developed and maintained.
What are the achievements of Jabir Bin Hayan?
He introduced experimental investigation in chemistry. He wrote a number of books on plants and animals. His famous books are “Al-Nbatat and “Al-Haywan”.
What is meant by unicellular organisms?
Those organism which consist on single cell are called unicellular organism e.g. Amoeba, Bacteria.
Write the names of six important bioelements?
Following are six important bioelements: O,C,H,N, Ca and P.
Describe Animal Husbandary as career in biology?
The branch of biolog concerned with the care and breeding of domestic animals like cattle and sheep etc. professional coerces in animal husbandry can be adopted after the higher secondary education in biology.
What are micromolecules and macromolecules?
Micromolecules: The low molecular weight molecules are called micromolecules e.g glucose water. Macromolecule: The higher molecular weight molecules are called macromolecules. E.g starch proteins lipids.
Describe any two applications of Horticulture in daily life?
Horticulture delas with the betterment of existing varieties of plants. It also stud about the more yield production of fruit and crops plants.
Name vegetative and reproductive parts of Mustard Plant?
Root, stem, branches and leaves are vegetative organs o mustard plant while flowers are the reproductive parts of mustard plant.
Give the scientific name of Mustard Plant and Frog?
The scientific name of mustard plant is Brassica compestris and of frog is Rana tigrina.
Writer about Jabir Bin Hayan and his two famous books?
He was born in Iran and practiced medicine in Iraq. Jabir bin Hayan Wrote a number of books on plants and animals his famous books are Al-Nabatat and Al-Hayan.


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