12th Class English Good Bye Mr. Chips Chapter 7 Short Question Answer

1.What memories of Katherine haunted Chips?
In his memories he saw Katherine rushing along the corridors. Sometime he saw her laughing at some mistake. Sometime he saw her tending him her good advice.
2.How did Katherine urge chips to forgive the students for their mistakes?
She urged Chips to give them a chance. She asked him to talk to them and they would be all right.
3.Did Katherine always plead with chips for leniency?
No, sometime she asked him to be strict. She asked him to punish the rude boys.
4.What did Chips remember about Dunster?
Dunster put a rat in the organ-loft while old Ogilvie was taking choir-practice. Ogilvie was dead and Dunster drowned at jutland.
5.Who was Ogilvie?
Ogilvie was a choirmaster. He taught a choir to sing together. He would take choir practice.
6.Did Chips start to write down his memories? OR What difficulties did Chips face when he stared writing down his memories?
Chips began to write down his memories. But this tired him physically and mentally. Moreover his memories lost much of their flavor when they were written down.


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