12th Class English Good Bye Mr. Chips Chapter 4 Short Question Answer

1.Where and with whom did Mr. chips go during the summer vacation of 1896?
He with his colleague Rowden went up to the Lake District.
2.What did Chips see while climbing on Great Gable?
While climbing on Great Gable, Chips saw a girl waving her hand from a dangerous rock.
3.What happened to Chips when he hastened to the girl?
When he hastened to the girl he slipped and wrenched his ankle.
4.When and where did chips meet Katherine?
Chips met Katherine on Great Gable in the Lake District in 1896.
5.How did Chips feel in the company of women?
Chips never felt at ease with women. He hated the new woman of the nineties.
6.why did Chips not like Bernard Shaw and Ibsen?
Chips did not like Bernard Shaw for his strange and shocking ideas. He did not like Ibsen for his disturbing plays.
7.How did Katherine Bridges look?
She had blue flashing eyes and freckled cheeks and smooth straw-colored hair.
8.What was the profession of Katherine?
Katherine was a governess out of job.
9.What were the political views of Katherine?
In politics Katherine had radical views. She liked Bernard Shaw and William Morris.
10.How did Chips begin to like Katherine?
Chips began to feel that he had never met anyone like her. First he did not like her but then he began to wait for her. He felt eager to see her.
11.How/Why did Katherine begin to like Chips?
Katherine began to like Chips because he had gentle manners. She liked him for his honest views. She also liked him for his brown charming eyes.
12.How much time did Katherine and Chips take to fall in love with each other and marry?
Within a week they fell in love with each other. And they married in London a week before the beginning of the term.
13.Who was Rowden and where did he go with Chips?
Rowden was a colleague of Chips. He went up to the Lake District with Chips during the summer vacation of 1896.
14.Describe the most important/interesting incident in the novel?
One day chips saw a girl on a dangerous rock. He ran to help her. But in doing so he slipped and wrenched his foot. The girl came to help him. She nursed him for a week. During the period they fell in love with each other and married. This is the most important incident of the novel.
15.Why was spring 1896 important for Chips?
The Spring of 1896 was very important for Chips. It was the spring when he met Katherine whom he loved and married.
16.Who were the favorite writers of Katherine?
She read and admired William Morris Bernard Shaw and Ibsen.
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