12th Class English Good Bye Mr. Chips Chapter 3 Short Question Answer

1.What was the condition of Mrs. Wickett’s house?
The house itself was ugly. But that did not matter. But it was situated near Brookfield. This was good for Chips.
2.How was the room Mrs. Wickett gave to Chips?
She gave him a small room. But it was comfortable and sunny room.
3.With what did Chips serve the boys?
He served the boys with walnut-cake and tea. During winter he served them with crumpets soaked in butter.
4.Why did Mr. Chips punish Major Collingwood?
He punished Collingwood for climbing on the roof of gymnasium Collingwood had climbed there to get a ball out of the gutter.
5.What job did Mrs. Wickett do at Brookfield?
She was the in charge of the linen-room at the school.
6.How did Collingwood treat Mrs. Wickett?
Mrs. Wickett said that Collingwood had been a bit rude to her. But he did her no harm. They exchanged no angry words.
7.Where was major Collingwood killed?
Major Collingwood was killed in Egypt.
8.What was the financial condition of Mr. Chips after retirement?
Chips lived a peaceful life after retirement. He had no worries. His pension was enough. He had also saved some money as well.
9.How was Mr. Chips room decorated at Mrs. Wickett’s house?
Chips room was furnished simply. There were a few bookshelves. Sporting trophies: a mantelpiece a worn Turkey carpet big easy-chairs and the pictures of the Acropolis and the Forum.
10.Which pictures were displayed in Mr. Chips room?
Chips had hung the pictures of the Acropolis and the Forum in his room.
11. What kinds of Books did Mr. Chips have in his room?
In his room Chips had classical books a few books of history and belles-letters. He had also got a few detective novels.
12.What kind of books did Chips read?
Sometime he read virgil or Xenophon for a few moments but mostly he read the detective novels of Doctor Thorndyke or Inspector French.
13.Which subjects did Chips teach and how did he teach them?
Chips taught Latin Greek and Roman History. He taught these subjects with his old method and pronunciation.


14.How did Chips spend his time at Mrs. Wickett’s house?
Chips spent his time in reading talking remembering past drinking tea receiving visitors correcting the next edition of the Brookfieldian Directory and writing his occasional letters.

15.Who was Major Collingwood?
Major Collingwood was the uncle of Branksome. Once Chips had punished him for climbing onto the roof of gymnasium. He had been a bit rude to Mrs. Wickett.
16. Why did Chips like summer?
Chips liked summer because in winter he was likely to suffer from cold. During winter he had to confine himself inside especially when the wind blew.
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