12th Class English Good Bye Mr. Chips Chapter 2 Short Question Answer

1.Where was Brookfield situated?
Brookfield lay behind a line of ancient elms. It looked reddish brown under its autumn creeper. It consisted of a group of eighteenth century buildings. These buildings centered upon a quad.
2.When was Brookfield established?
Brookfield was established in the reign of Elizabeth.
3.Did Brookfield enjoy a good repute? OR What was the status of Brookfield?
There had been rise and fall in its luck. However it remained a good school of the second rank.
4.When was the structure of the building of Brookfield rebuilt & extended?
In the reign of the George I the main structure of the building of Brookfield was rebuilt and extended.
5.What kind of people did Brookfield supply?
It supplied judges Members of Parliament colonial administrators peers and bishops. Mostly it produced merchants manufacturers squires and parsons.
6.What was Chips status in the staff at fifty?
At fifty he was the doyen of the staff.
7.What was Chips status at Brookfield at sixty?
At sixty he was Brookfield in his person. He was the guest of honour at old Brookfield dinners. He was the court of appeal in all matters.
8.When did Chips retire and what was presented to him on the day of his retirement?
In 1913 at the age of 65 he retired. He was given a cheque a writing desk and a clock. He left Brookfield in the uproar of cheers.
9.What was Chips family background?
chips had no private means and no family connections of any importance. It means he belonged to middle class.
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