12th Class English Good Bye Mr Chips Chapter 17 Short Question Answer

1.What were the two things Chips had never done in life?
He had never travelled by air and he had never been to a talky show.
2.Why did Linford come to see Chips?
Linford was the last visitor of Chips. He had been told that Chips wanted to see him. Therefore he had come to see Chips. Mr. Chips welcomed him and treated him gently.
3.What did chips understand when Linford told him that he was told that Chips wanted to see him?
Chips understood that the boys had played an old joke and leg-pull. He decided to cap their joke and keep his end up.
4.What sort of discussion did Chips have with Linford?
They talked of Shropshire of schools of the school life in general and of the news in that day’s paper.
5.What did Linford say when Chips said him good-bye?
The boy answered in a shrill voice Good bye Mr.Chips.
6.What were the feelings of Chips when Linford had gone away?
The words: Good bye Mr. Chips began to echo in his mind. These were the words which Kathie had said a night before their wedding. Suddenly the tears rolled down his cheeks.
7.Describe Chips last meeting with Linford?
Linford was the boy who had a last meeting with Chips. They talked of Shorpshire where Linford lived of schools of the school life in general and of the news in that day’s paper.
8.How was Linford received by Chips?
First Chips was surprised to see Linford. Then he understood that someone had made a joke. He decided not to be defeated in this joke. Therefore he received the boy warmly.
9.What were the feelings of Chips after Linford’s departure?
Good bye Mr. Chips Linford said to Chips. These words began to echo in his mind. Katherine also said these words to him one night before their marriage. When he remembered his wife tears began to roll down his cheeks.
10.How did Chips entertain Linford?
He entertained Linford with tea and a walnut cake with pink icing.
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