12th Class English Good Bye Mr. Chips Chapter 12 Short Questions Answer

1.When/why did Ralston leave Brookfield?
Raiston left Brookfield in 1911 to better himself. He was offered the headship of one of the greater public schools.
2.Who was the successor of Ralston and what kind of man was he?
Chatteris was the successor of Ralston. He was a young brilliant man of thirty four. He was modern friendly and sympathetic.
3.What happened to Chips in 1913?
In 1913 Chips had bronchitis and remained off duty for nearly the whole of the winter term. This made him decide to resign. Then he was sixty five.
4.When did Chips receive his farewell party?
In July 1913 he received his farewell party.
5.What did Chips say in the farewell speech?
In the farewell speech he made many little jokes. There were several Latin quotations in it.
6.How much time did Chips spend in Brookfield?
He spent forty-two years there. He said that he had been very happy there.
7.What important events of Brookfield did Chips mention in his farewell party?
He mentioned the first bicycle the lamp-boy the seven weeks-frost the day when the Big hall of the school was turned into hospital ward due to German measles and the great bonfire.
8.What happened in 1880 in Brookfield? OR Why was the big hall Brookfield turned into a hospital ward?
In 1880 there spread German measles and the two third of the School fell ill. The Big hall of the School was turned into a hospital ward.
9.Who was Mrs. Brool? Why did she leave for Australia?
Mrs. Brool worked in the tuck-shop of Brookfield. She then left the tuck-shop when her uncle in Australia left her a lot of money.
10. Where did Chips go in 1913? OR Why did chips go to Wiesbaden in 1913?
In August 1913 Chips went for a cure to Wiesbaden. There he stayed at the home of the German master at Brookfield Herr Staefel.
11.What were the Activities of Chips after his retirement?
He invited boys to tea watched matches dined with the head and the masters took on the preparation of the new edition of Brookfieldian Directory wrote articles and read newspaper and detective novels.
12.What type of farewell was given to Mr. Chips?
In July 1913 chips received his farewell party. It was a wonderful party. He also made a speech there. In the speech he made many little jokes.


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