12th Class English Good Bye Mr. Chips Chapter 1 Short Question Answer

1.How did Chips measure his time?
Like some old sea-captain chips measured his time by signals of the past. He lived his life according to the bells of Brookfield.
2.What did Chips do before sleeping?
Chips wound up the clock put the wire guard in front of the fire turned out the gas and carried a detective novel to bed. Then he slept peacefully.
3.What kind of sleep did Mr. Chips enjoy? Or How did Mr. Chips enjoy sleep?
He enjoyed a sound and peaceful sleep. It added to his vision.
4.What was the name of Chips doctor and how often did he visit Chips?
The name of Chips doctor was Merivale. He calls upon Chips every fortnight or so.
5.What did Chips doctor say about chips?
The doctor said that chips would not get any horrible disease. He would die a natural death.
6.When was chips born? Or What was the age of Chips when he saw the Great Exhibition?
Chips was born in 1848. He was brought to Great Exhibition as a toddling Child.
7.When was Mr. Wetherby the headmaster of Brookfield?
Wetherby was the Headmaster of Brookfield in 1870. It was the time of Franco- Prussian war.
8.Who was the Headmaster of Brookfield when Mr. Chips joined it?
Mr. Wetherby was the headmaster of Brookfield when Mr. chips joined it.
9.What kind of fellow was Mr. Wetherby?
Mr. Wetherby was very fatherly. He had vivid eyes. He behaved kindly with Chips.
10.When did Wetherby die?
He died during the summer vacation in 1870.
11.How did Mr. Wetherby advise Chips?
He asked Chips to give his zeal to Brookfield. He asked him not to allow anyone to play tricks with him. He asked him to keep discipline.
12.How did the boys look when chips took his first class at Brookfield? OR How many boys were sitting in the hall when Chips took his first class at Brookfield?
The big hall was full of five hundred wicked boys. They looked naughty and pitiless.
13.What mischief was made in the very first class of Chips at Brookfield and who made it?
A boy dropped a desk lid. His name was Colley. He had red hair.
14. How did Chips punish the boy who dropped a desk lid?
He punished him by giving him a hundred lines.
15.Describe Chips first day experience at Brookfield?
On the first day at Brookfield. Chips was nervous. Mr. Wetherby gave him a good piece of advice about discipline. He assumed to be an angry man in the class.
16.How did Mr. Chips handle his first class at Brookfield school?
The big hall was full of five hundred wicked boys. Chips assumed to be angry. A boy dropped a desk lid. Chips punished him by giving him a hundred lines.
17. Why was Mr. Chips afraid of taking his first class at Brookfield School?
The big hall was full of five hundred wicked boys. They looked ready to attack him. Therefore Chips was bit nervous while taking his first class.
18.Why 1870 was easy to remember for Chips?
Chips could easily remember 1870 because it was the year when he joined Brookfield. It was the year when Wetherby died.
19.What is the significance of the title of the novel?
The title of the novel is Good-bye Mr. Chips. This phrase Good-bye Mr. Chips is uttered twice in the novel. First Katherine uttered it a night before their marriage. Then in the end of the novel a boy Linford uttered phrase. This made Chips very sad. He missed his wife so much that he died to become one with her. So this is a suitable title of the novel.
20.Who was Forrester?
Forrester was the smallest boy Brookfield had ever had. He was about four feet high above his muddy football boots. He was killed in 1918 in the battle of Cambrai.
21.Who was Colley?
Colley is the name of three persons. The first Colley was the grandfather of that Colley whom Chips punished for dropping a desk lid in the class. The second Colley was the father of the Third Colley. These three were the students of Chips.
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