12th Class English Ch 8 China’s Way To Progress Short Question Answer

1.Why has the world changed its attitude towards China?
China is the third largest country of the world. One-fourth of the world population lives there. The Chinese made their social system a success. Thus the world has to change its attitude towards China.
2.Discuss Chinese agriculture system?
The Chinese agricultural system works through the systems of communes. The Chinese still use their traditional labor. But they also use agricultural machinery.
3.How does China rely on its own resources?
The Chinese rely on their resources. They use the locally made machines. Such machines are very cheap. They can be got easily. They also give better results.
4.Describe a day in the life of a Chinese student?
A Chinese student goes to school at 8am. She works there till 11. Then she returns home and eats lunch. She reaches the school again at 1.30 p.m. She works there till 3 o clock. Then she returns home.
5.Write a note on the Chinese women?
The Chinese women use no beauty products. They enjoy many social benefits. They work 8 hours a day. They enjoy free medical facilities. They get 56 paid holidays before childbirth.
6.What are the social security benefits provided to the Chinese workers?
Chinese worker enjoy free housing. They enjoy free medical treatment. A sick worker gets his total pay for 6 months. After that he gets only the 60 percent of it. Female workers get 56 paid holidays before childbirth.
7.It is the people and not the things that are decisive. Discuss?
The Chinese believe that their people are their real power. The gift of a dollar from each Chinese would make about 800 million dollars. A day’s free work form each Chinese would mean two million free workers for one year.
8.The heart of the matter is the need to root out selfishness. Discuss?
The Chinese have rooted out selfishness. They work for the benefits of all. They work for collective benefits. As a result they become a strong nation.
9.How was China treated for twenty two years after its revolution? OR Why was China forgotten for twenty two year after its revolution?
China was confused with a little island which was one of its provinces. The political and economic barrier between China and the western countries kept it isolated for twenty two years.
10.What policy did China adopt towards the western countries and how did the western countries receive it? OR How many official delegations visit China?
China adopted the smile policy and the western countries received it warmly. Now a great number of officials visit China. Hundreds of delegations shake hands with the leaders of China. There is a long waiting list of countries to recognize china.
11.What does the world about keeping China aloof from U.N.O?
Now the world has realized that it was totally absurd to keep China aloof from U.N.O. Now they regard their past attitude towards China as a political guilt.
12.Now China is a fashion around the world. What does it mean?
It means that China has become popular with the world as the most traditional and capitalistic politicians are singing praises of Mao Tse- Tung, the leading Chinese Communist leader.
13.Why will Chou-En-Lai get his right hand dislocated?
Now a great number of officials visit China. Hundreds of delegates shake hands with Chou-En-Lai. Chou-Eu-Lai would get his ad dislocated if he keeps on shaking it at the present rate with such a large of delegates.
14.What is the social historical background of China? OR What were the social historical problems of China?
It has Asian social background. It has a painful colonial history. Along with the terrible western impact it had undergone a multi-colonial experience. As a result it had to face the problems of split culture and split personality.
15.What were the problems that had plagued/troubled Asian countries and which the Chinese had uprooted/solved/controlled?
The Chinese had uprooted the problems that troubled the Asian countries- the lack of food low level of food inequalities of income and spending, unemployment and a sense of social uselessness and the expansion of the cities.
16.What is a Chinese model of society? OR what are the modern evils that are absent in China?
The cities show an absence of automobiles advertising radiant signs and the three fevers of money, alcohol and sex. There is a complete control over the population of the cities.
17.How has the population of the cities been controlled in china?
Political control over the masses not only controls the migration of people from the countryside but also manages partly to reduce the population of cities.
18.What is the system of farming In china? OR What is the agricultural system of China?
In China the agricultural production is growing through the systems of communes. The agricultural communes are further divided into production brigades and teams. The Chinese still carry on their traditional labor. But agricultural machinery is also being used slowly and carefully.
19.How is the agricultural mechanization being introduced in China?
The agricultural mechanization is being used with a great care so as not to upset the balance. The farmers do not want to shift to cities. However they are being adjusted in local small industries on the spot.
20.Why does a Chinese farmer not want to shift to the cities?
He does not run to the cities because in China the industry is based on agriculture. It is a decentralized industry. The Chinese need not shift to the cities as they enjoy the benefits of cities in the villages.
21.What is a decentralized economy? OR Does it really exist in China? OR Why do people in China not shift to big cities?
The decentralized economy means the development of the cities and the villages at the same level. The villagers also enjoy the same benefits as the people living in cities do. Therefore the villagers have no desire to shift to the cities. This system exists in Chins in the true sense of the word.
22. What is the benefit of economic decentralization for china?
The economic decentralization has freed China from a traditionally awkward bureaucracy and developed independent local enterprise.
23.What is the human side of Chinese experiment? OR What is the condition of humanism in China? OR How are the Chinese helping each other?
In China man is being educated and re educated. The main aim of education is to root out selfishness and bring into being selfless and dedicated men who may enjoy serving other.
24.What is the nature of Chinese National machines and equipments?
The Chinese National machines and equipments are not totally indigenous as they have a number of foreign features. But these have replaced the foreign machines. These are better cheaper and more easily available than the foreign ones.
25.How does je Wen siu a girl student spend her day? OR Whom does Je Wen Siu represent? OR How does a Chinese student work? OR How much time does a Chinese student spend at school?
Je Wen Siu represents the life of students in China. She gets up at 6 in the morning, does a few chores in the house takes breakfast and goes to school at 8. She works there till 11 then returns home to take lunch. She reaches the school again at 1.30. she works there till 3 o’clock. She returns home and goes through the lessons for about an hour. She relaxes after four reads newspaper and listens to the radio.
26.What lack do the Chinese women have from the Western angle?
From a Western angle there is lack of femininity in the Chinese women. They use no beauty products. There is no mention of sex in films or in literature.
27.What does Mao say about women?
Mao says that women are holding up half of the sky and they are determined to keep their part at the same height as that held up by men.
28.What social benefits does a Chinese woman enjoy?
She works 8 hours daily. She enjoy free hospitalization medical care nursery and infant school She can have 56 paid days before childbirth. She claims to have more facilities than the woman in the west.
29.Wha are the social security benefits for a Chinese worker?
He enjoys free housing free medical treatment and a life without expenses. He is helped by the company or the government if his income is less than his expenses. A sick person can get his full pay for 6 months. Woman get 56 days leave before childbirth on full pay.
30.What are the medical facilities available to the Chinese workers?
All medical and hospital treatment is free for a Chinese worker or peasant. A sick worker gets his full pay for 6 months and after this he gets 60 percent of his pay. The company however helps a worker if he faces money problems. The communes have health centres. Only serious cases are sent to hospitals.
31.What is the working schedule for industrial Chine3se workers?
Industrial workers work 8 hours a day and six days a week. They enjoy a weekly holiday. There is one week’s annual vacation: two weeks if the worker lives away from his family. There are two national holidays as well.
32.How much amount would be collected if each Chinese contributes only one dollar to the government? OR What is the positive effect of great Chinese population? OR How can a great population throw aside all problem? OR What would be the result if the Chinese population contributes one day’s work to the government? OR How are the benefits of great population estimated?
The endless mass of 800 million people can overthrow the whole problems from all sides. The contribution of a dollar from each Chinese would make 800 million dollars. The contribution of a day’s work would mean two million laborers for one year without cost to the state.
33.How has the need of cloth and grain for Chinese population been estimated? OR How has cost of a great population been estimated?
The increase of one yard cloth per head for 700 million Chinese would be enough to go round the world for eighteen times while a million and a half tons of grains can feed the Chinese population only for 5 days.
34.How will China be in the year 2000?
The writer says that in the year 2000. China will still be a powerful peasant country. It will attain its modernization without a flight form the fields.
35.What is the secret of progress of China?
Chinese act upon the maxim of Mao Rely on your own forces. Thus like Mao they believe, It is the people and not the things that are decisive . And this is the secret of progress of China.
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