12th Class English Ch 4 End Of Term Short Question Answer

1.What was Daiches’ attitude towards the week-end as a school boy? Why did he long for it?
Daiches felt very happy at the week-end. He felt to be free from the boring work at school. Therefore he wished for the weekend.
2.What was Daiches general view of school life?
Daiches was not an idle student. He enjoyed his class room work. But he did not like the boring routine of school life.
3. Daiches liked holidays for their freedom - freedom from what?
Daiches did not like the dull school life. On holidays he felt to be free from the dry work at school. So holidays brought him freedom from the boring routine of school life.
4. How did Daiches spend his summer holidays?
Daiches felt very happy at the arrival of summer holidays. The vacation looked to be a period of joy for him. He spent the summer holidays in his village.
5.Wishes don’t come true in this life writes Daiches. What are the things he linged for but could not have?
Daiches longed for a tricycle and later for a bicycle. He wished for sweets and ice-cream but he could not have these things.
6.What did Daiches do with his pocket money?
Daiches his sister and brother were not allowed to spend the pocket money. They had to put it into a money-box.
7.What was the title of the book that reminded the writer of his school time?
The title of the book “Friday Thank God” reminded the write of his school time.
8.Why did the writer feel depressed when he was a school boy? OR what was troublesome / hard for the writer during his school life? OR What pressed upon the writer during his school life?
The daily stress of school its plentiful homework its hard competition and the sense of not being relaxed pressed heavily upon him.
9.What was a dismal/dull/dreary/gloomy experience for the writer early in the morning?
Getting up out of bed early in the morning with no chance for more sleep and seeing the hours of school stretching ahead was a dismal experience for the writer.
10.How did the steps/walk/tread of the maid servant seem to the writer?
Her steps indicated the grim dismal and gloomy hours of school.
11.How was the university life different from school life?
Unlike school in university smaller classes were to be attended. The students enjoyed freedom to come and go. It was completely a new world of learning.
12.What did the writer feel on Thursday morning?
He woke up on Thursday morning with the happy feeling of week end.
13.How did the writer feel in the last period on Friday?
On Friday the last period had a special happy flavor of the end of the week. On that day he walked home from school like an escaped prisoner.
14.How did the writer feel on Sunday night?
It was full of the threat of Monday morning. He felt very gloomy on that night because he had to go to school the next morning.
15.What were the unexpected respites?
Sometimes they had a half holiday to see a football match. Sometimes the school was closed for an hour or two before its usual time because of some sudden crisis or celebration. There were unexpected respites.
16.How many holidays did they get at Christmas and at Easter? OR How did the writer react to Christmas and Easter holidays?
In the earlier school days of the writer they lasted three weeks each. However later they were reduced to fortnight and then to ten days. It was a period of real joy and fun.
17.How many holidays did they get in the summer time? OR How did the writer react to summer holidays?
They got two months vacation in summer time. It was the period of real charm for which they waited throughout the year. These were the real holidays. It looked to be a long period of joy and happiness.
18.What could writer hardly believe at the start of summer vacation? OR How did the summer holidays look at the start?
How could hardly believe that three tiring school terms had indeed ended and the longed for dreamed of almost mythical summer vacations were at hand. They summer vacation seemed to be unspoiled intact and promising.
19.What wish of the writer could his parents not afford?
The writer longed for a tricycle in his early life. Later the wish was changed to a bicycle but his parents could afford neither.
20.Why did the writer stand outside of a shop or at the edge of crowd around ice-cream man?
He stood outside of sweet shops longing for a penny or two. Sometime he stood at the edge of a crowd around an ice-cream man wishing that he would take pity on him and give him a free cornet or a slider free.
21.What was a glorious vehicle for the writer and why?
The taxi that was to convey the family and its luggage to the railway station at the start of summer vacation was a glorious vehicle for him. It indicated the start of summer vacations.
22.Why was the Friday rose-colored for the writer?
Friday had a special happy flavor of the end of the week. On that day he walked home from school like an escaped prisoner. It was followed by two holidays. Therefore the Friday morning was rose-colored for the writer.
23.What made the week-end luxuriously long?
Once a term they had the annual mid –term holiday a Monday off. By getting one more holiday they felt very happy. This made the week-end luxuriously long.
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