12th Class English Ch 3 Why Boys Fail In College Question Answer

1.According to the author there are some boys who fail because they do not try. Who are they? Can we help them?
The boys who do not try to pass the examination are those who suffer from some nervous habits. We can help them by telling them to get rid of their nervous habits.
2.How does a mistaken ambition on the part of boys and their parents lead to the failure of the boys?
A mistaken ambition leads to failure. The student wants to study one thing. While his parents ask him to study another thing. SO he cannot pay heed to studies and fails.
3.There are some boys who have done well at school but fail to make their mark at college. Who are they? Do you have such boys in colleges in your country?
Some talented boys pass the school examination easily. They think that they would pass the college examination in this way. So they do not work hard. As a result they fail. Some such boys could be found in every colleges.
4.How does financial pressure lead to the failure of students described in the lesson? Do you have similar cases in your country?
Some poor students have to earn to meet their college expenses. So much of their time is wasted. As a result they fail. We have such students in our colleges.
5.To what does the question of health lead to failure at college? How far can the college authorities with their medical officers help students in such cases?
The students suffering from bad health cannot pay heed to their studies. As a result they fail. The college doctor can tell them their problem. He can treat them.
6.What place would you accord to sportsmen in college?
The main purpose of a college is to give education. But it does not ignore games. If a student is too much interested in games he should be asked to become a processional player.
7.There are some students who join college for the fun of it. Should they be allowed to stay?
A college is meant for studies. Those who join the college for fun should not be allowed to stay in the college.
8.Which are the two main classes of boys who fail in college?
There are two main classes of such students. The first are those who try to pass but fail and the second are those who do not try at all.
9.What happens to the boys who try to work but cannot? Or Some boys have ability but they fail Why?
Such boys have the native ability and desire to work. But they cannot sit at a desk and focus on their task. Actually the flaw of such talented students is their nervous habits.
10.How can a nervous habit be uprooted? OR Who can uproot the nervous habits? OR How can a boy be cured of his nervous habits?
It is really difficult to uproot a nervous habit. Only the sufferer can uproot it. Others can indicate the difficulty but it is the sufferer himself who should cultivate the calm that ends that fuss.
11.How can mistaken ambition be a cause of failure? OR How can parents be the cause of failure of their sons? OR What happens when a boy is forced to study against his temperament? OR What does the writer mean by a mistaken ambition?
The mistaken ambition is the fault of parents. They force their son to study Those subjects for which he has no taste. As a result he does not take interest in such a course of studies and then fails.
12.How can the failure of the boys who take wrong subjects be prevented/avoided?
Such failures can be avoided if the college is aware of its duty to give a proper guidance and advice to the parents of the boys about the interest and temperament of their boys.
13.Why do bright students fail? OR Who fail because of over confidence?
The bright students who have passed the school examination with little effort are overconfident of their ability. They think that they would pass the college examination with little effort as they did in school. They do not work hard and fail.
14.How can the failure of talented students be prevented?
The cure for this sort of failure is not easyas it involves an entire change of attitude and habits. No one can do this but the boy himself. Others can only point out the problem. The student himself should realize his fault.
15.How can the failure caused by bad health be prevented? OR Why is cooperation between the teaching staff and the college doctor necessary?
If there is a proper cooperation between the teaching staff and the college doctor they can prevent a large number of failures caused by bad health.
16.When does knowledge become valueless? OR How much valuable is health? OR What is the importance of health?
The written says that there is no substitute for health. The knowledge of a man is of little vale unless he enjoys a good health. Health enables one to bear the problems of the world.
17.What is a serious problem for the poor boys at college? OR Why is it a serious problem for a student to earn his living at college?
The financial pressure is a very serious problem for the poor students. They have to earn to meet expenses. Much of their time is wasted in this way. Therefore they cannot pay full attention to their studies.
18.How do the students feel who take part in sports? OR What is the attitude of the students who take part in sports?
Such students feel proud and are attracted to sports. Finally they decide in favor of sports.
19.What is the place or importance of sports and literary activities in a college?
The writer says that these things have their own place. The students who are interested in such activities should take part in them. But they must know that education is their main concern. Everything else is of secondary importance.
20.Are the games and literary/ Co-curricular activities a serious cause of failure of the students?
They may be a cause of failure. But the writer unlike other critics thinks that games and literary activities are not the serious causes of failure of the students in college.
21.What advice does the writer give about the lazy bluffers? OR What does the writer suggest about the lazy bluffers? OR How should the lazy bluffers be treated/ guided in the college?
The writer says that it is usually wise to let the lazy bluffers go to the cruel world to know how much value the world gives to them. After the bitter experiences of the practical world some of them may return and complete their education.
22.What are the causes of failure of boys in colleges?
Nervous habits bad health a mistaken ambition over confidence financial difficulties keen interest in games and sports and non-serious attitude are the causes of failure of boys in colleges.
23.How should the college authorities solve the problem of financial difficulty?
The college authorities should give scholarship funds to the poor students so that they could fulfil their educational needs. Then they would be able to pay heed to their studies.
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