12th Class Computer Chapter 13 Creating Reports in Access Short Questions Answer

12th Class Computer Chapter 13 Creating Reports in Access Short Questions Answer

What is a report?

Report is a final product of most database applications. It provides means for creating printed copies of the information in your database.

How is the report produced?

Access combines data in tables and queries to produce a report that we can print and distribute to people who need or request it.

Write down example of single page report?

Some reports consist of a single page such as order acknowledgement and invoice.

Write down some examples of multi-page reports?

These reports include catalogues, general ledgers, financial statements and examination result sheets.

How many varieties of standard reports?

Standard reports come in two basic varieties, columnar and tabular.

What are columnar reports?

In these reports, the values of each field in each record of a table or query are listed in one long column of text boxes.

What do you know about tabular reports?

These reports provide a column for each field of the table or query and print the value of each field of the records in rows under the column header.

What is the easiest way to design a report?

Report wizard is the easiest way to design a report.

Which type of reports does the Report Wizard create?

Report wizard creates reports that have much greater flexibility in the choice of fields and in the report design. It lets you create reports that contain data from more than one table without first creating a query.

Write down the use of forms and reports?

Forms and reports are used to display information contained in our database and both use the same techniques and tools to format their controls.

What we click to select the form header?

To select the form header we click the form header or page header.

How do a form header and footer appear?

A form header and footer appear when we choose view form header/footer.


Which are primarily used in conjunction with printer forms?

Page headers and footers primarily are used in conjunction with printing forms.

Explain the detail section of reports.

To select the detail section click the detail bar we get a set of properties similar to those of the form header section but all of these apply to the detail section.

Describe the footer section only?

To select the footer section, click the form footer or page footer bar. A set of properties identical to the header properties is available for the footer section. Form footer appears only if a form header has been added. The same applies to page header and footers.

How do you select the control in Form or Report?

Click the surface of the control to select the control. Each type of control has its own set of properties.

What is a toggling process?

Selecting and deselecting controls is a toggling process.
What do you mean by toggling?

Toggling means repeating an action with the effect alternating between on and off.

What we can use when the grid is visible?

When the grid is visible we can use the grid dots to assist in maintaining the horizontal and vertical alignment of rows and columns of controls.

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