12th Class Computer Chapter 12 Using Queries in Access Short Questions Answer

12th Class Computer Chapter 12 Using Queries in Access Short Questions Answer

How can you define a query?

A query can be defined as a tool to get information from our database you asking specific questions.

Write any two uses of queries?

(i) Queries are used to select records from tables rather than presenting all the records in a table.
(ii) Queries can also be used to combine information from different tables having related data items.

What type of conditions you enter when you make query?

When we make a query we set up a condition describing the types of records we want to display.

What does Access generate when we run the query?

When we run the query access generates a datasheet that includes only those records that satisfy the condition.

How many queries can you create in access?

We can create a large variety of queries in access.

What is the capability of simple Query wizard?

The simple Query wizard is capable of generating only trivial select queries.

What is the first step in the creation of a simple general purpose query?

Open a database and select queries on the objects bar in the datasheet window.

What do you know about the query design window?

The simple Query Wizard has limited usefulness, so the better approach is to design your queries from scratch in Access’s graphical Query Design window.

Write down the two steps of creation a query using query design window?

(i) Open database if necessary, to display the database window and select queries on the objects bar.
(ii) Double-click the create query in design view to open the design window.

Which is the key reason of using DBMS to manage large amount of data?

The ability to perform queries is a key reason for using DBMS to manage large amount of related data rather than using spreadsheets or word processing programs.

What is the importance of queries in calculations on our data?

They also allow us to perform calculations on our data to create sources of data form forms, reports and other queries.

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