11th Class English Play 2 Visit To a Small Planet Short Question Answer

11th Class English Play 2 Visit To a Small Planet Short Question Answer

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Here we are providing complete chapter wise English questions and Answers for the 11th class students. All the visitors can prepare for their 11th class examination by attempting below given question answers.

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Rawalpindi Board 11th classes short questions Answer

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1. How does Kreton his extraordinary powers? Write three lines?
Kreton his extraordinary powers. He famous an invisible wall around his ship from a distance. He hears human mind. He says that he is immoral. Nobody can touch him.
2. What is the purpose of the visit of Kreton?
First he comes as a tourist. He loves humans. He is studied them. But when he lands, he decides to take the charge of the world.
3. How much more advanced is the civilization of Kreton than that of the earth?
Kreton’s people can control their thoughts. They can read human brain. They have flying cars. They have conquered death. They can learn languages swiftly.
4. Can the people of the earth compete with the people of Kreton?
No they cannot. They cannot even touch them. Earth people are slave to their emotion while Kreton’s people are wise.
5. How much damaging is violence in life? Write three lines?
Violence destroys peace. It gives rise to enmity. It brings about sorrows. It makes man cruel.
6. What type of life do you foresee in the year 5000?
It would be wonderful life. People would travel in flying cars. They might be able to hear human mind. They might become immortal.
7. How much impressive were the morals of Kerton?
He is a harmless man. He has controlled his emotions. He is wise, polite and loving.
8. What is the role of General Power in the play?
General Power is just a screen to show the qualities of Kerton. His narrow mindedness highlights the generous disposition of the visitor.
9. What is the theme of the study of Kreton?
He studies earth and its inhabitants. He loves humans. He loves to gad about. He visits earth is a tourist.
10. How does Kerton impress General Power?
He impresses Power by hearing his thoughts. He builds an invisible wall around his ship. General is stunned when he could not touch him.
11. Write a note on Mr. Spelding?
He is a TV commentator. He loves his profession. He wants his daughter to marry an ambitious man. He loves his country.
12. Write a note on Mrs. Spalding?
Mrs. Spalding is a passive, lady. She is impressed by the personality of she loves her rose garden. She is worried about it all the time.
13. Write a note on Ellen?
she is a lively girl of twenty. She is not ambitious. She is loving and loyal. She loves John ad wants to marry him.
14. Write a note on john?
He is a young man. He works at his farm. He is bold and brave as well. He loves Ellen and wants to marry her.
15. Write a note on General Power?
He is an officer in the army. He is dutiful. But he is a ambitious as well. He wants to be promoted. But he is not very intelligent.
16. Write a note on Kreton?
Kreton is a wise man. He loves to gad about. He loves the Earth and its inhabitant. He can read human mind. He decided to take the charge of the world.
17. How does the playwright expose the inferiority of the present race to that of the further?
Kerton represents the further generation. The present generation is represent by the earth people in the play. Present generation is emotional.
18. .Describe the scene of the arrival of the flying saucer?
Kreton’s shop lands I the rose garden of Spalding’s house. Its side opens and kreton comes out. The ship is without instruments.
19. Compare and contrast the people of two planets?
Earth people are narrow – minded, emotional, specific and mortal. The people of other planet are wise, friendly, patient and immortal.
20. Write a story of your visit to a fore off place in the north of Pakistan?
We visited Hunza and Sakardu. These valleys are surrounded by high mountains. In the heart of these are beautiful valleys.
21. What is the scene of the play ‘Visit to a Small Planet’?
The night sky is full of stars. Then a shining object comes into view. It seems to land upon the living room of spending house.
22. What is a Superimpose Card (an additional) dominant plan) of the play?
The room of Spalding house is homely but costly decorated. Roger Spalding is ending his TV show. His wife is knitting. Two technicians use machines. Ellen, his girl listens.
23. How did Mr. Spalding look/appear?
He was a middle aged man. He was fast and flattering. He had ringing sound.
24. How did Mrs. Spalding look/Appear?
She looked bore and vague (absent-minded).
25. How did Ellen look/ appear?
She was a lively girl of twenty. She looked uneasy as the listened to her father’s show.
26 What was the rum ours about the flying object?
It was rumoured that either it was a secret weapons of the country or a spaceship.
27. What announcement did Spalding make on T.v? OR What did Spalding say on T.V about the flying object?
He said that according to General Powers, it was a meteor passing through the Earth’s orbit. It was neither a secret weapon of this country nor a spaceship.
28. What did General Powers say about the life on other planets?
General Powers said that it was highly doubtful that there was any life on other planets capable of building a spaceship.
29. How did the Spalding end his show? How did Spalding say good- night on T.V?
He said good night to Mother and father America. He said that he was speaking from his house I Silver Glen, Maryland, which the nation loved most.
30. From Where was Spalding broadcasting his program me?
He was broad casting his program me from his house in Silver Glen, Maryland; USA.
31. Who was John?
He was a friend of Ellen. He worked on a farm. She had decided to marry him.
32. What did John lack according to Mr. Spalding? OR How did Spalding comment on john?
He said that john had every virtue but he lacked get- up and go (energy and determination to do things).
33. How did Ellen defined John?
He said that the needed no energy to make progress. He worked on his farm. She said that she would join him there after they were married.
34. What is the wish of Mr. Spalding about the marriage of his daughter?
Her wanted that she should marry a wealthy and ambitious man who wanted to make his mark in the world. He said that she should not marry a farmer.
34. Why does Mr. Spalding oppose his daughter’s marry with John?
Mr. Spalding wants to marry his daughter to a wealthy and ambitious man. He says that she should not marry John who is mere a farmer. He says that john lacks energy and determination.
35. What four options did Spalding give about the falling about?
He said either it was a meteor or an optical illusion or mass hysteria or a weather balloon.
36. Where does the spaceship land?
It landed in the rose garden at the backyard of Spalding’s house.
37. How did Kreton look/ appear?
He was a mild, pleasant looking man. He wore side- whiskers. He was wearing an old fashioned dress of 1860. He was In his forties.
38. What did Kreton say about his dress?
He said that his dress was wrong. It did not look fit for the people of the country and the time.
39. from where had Kreton come?
He had come from outer space. He had come from some other planet.
40. Why did Kreton visit the Earth?
He studied the Earth people. It was his hobby. He had come to visit the Earth. He was interested in man’s development on Earth.
41. Why does Kreton take take interest in Earth?
He loves the Earth and its inhabitants. It is his body. Therefore, he takes a lot of interest in Earth.
42. What information did Kreton have about the earth?
He said that the earth was divided into five continents. It had a large number of large island. Its bigger part was covered with water. It had one moon. Civilization was just beginning there.
43. What was Kreton’s opinion about the civilization on Earth?
He said that the civilization on earth was in the initial stage. The civilization has not reached its fascinating stages.
44. What did General declare about Spalding’s house?
He said that the house had been surrounded by troops. The house had gone gone under the material law. Nobody could leave the house without permission.
45. What did General Power ask AIDE to do about the ship?
He asked him to go down and look at the ship. He asked him to be careful and to touch it. He asked him not to allow anybody to go near it.
46. Why did Kreton not give any explanation to General Power about his planet?
He said that the General Powers could not understand it for another five hundred years. So he did not tell him anything about his planet.
47. Why does Kreton compare his people with earth people?
He proves his people to be superior to the earth people. He compares his people to the earth people to justify his decision of taking over the charge of the world.
48. Why did Kreton call the people of Earth poor fragile butterflies?
Kreton and his people were immortal while people on earth were mortal. So, it he felt pity for them and called them poor fragile butterflies.
49. How did AIDE describe the ship? OR How did the look ship?
He said that it was elliptical (egg-shaped) with a fourteen feet diameter (width). It was made of an unknown metal which shined. There was nothing inside the ship.
50. To whom was AIDE asked put a call?
He was asked to put a call to the Chief of Staff.
51. What did General Powers says in his broadcast?
He said that the flying object passing through the earth’s ship orbit was mere a meteor. It was neither a secret weapon of his country nor a spaceship. He said that if was highly doubtful that there was any life on other planets capable of building a spaceship.
52. What did General Powers reply when Spalding asked for his news?
The General said that there was complete censorship. He would be given no news. Their house was even under the material la’v.
53. What did Mr. Spalding say when he learnt that kreton would spend the night there?
He said that she could go to make up the bedroom. She said that Kreton looked perfectly nice to her. She said that she liked his whiskers. They were like Grandfather Spalding’s.
54. What were the restrictions imposed upon the members of Spalding’s house?
They could not use phone. They could not leave the house even without permission.
55. What information did General Powers get from Kreton?
He could that only know that Kreton had come as a tourist from another planet in another considered it to be the first step of the coming attack.
56. What was an extraordinary quality of Kreton about human mind?
He could her human mind. He could know what was inside human mind.
57. What did Kreton say for the second time about General mind?
He said that the general was making a picture of three silver stars. He said that he was pinning them on his shoulder.
58. What was the hobby of Kreton?
He loved to gad (wander) about. He came to earth as a tourist. It was his hobby to study the earth and its people.
59. What did General want to do with the ship?
He wanted to take it apart.
60. How did Kreton secure his ship?
He got the door of the ship and put an invisible wall around it.
61. What was the difference between Kreton mind and human minds?
Both the minds were quite different. Kreton could control his thoughts: while earth people thought about extraordinary things.
62. What did Spalding atop Kreton from living the place?
He stopped him because he did not want to fight between General Powers and Kreton. It would have left bed impression upon the guest.
63. What did kreton’s people consider him perverse?
They considered him preserves because he was interested in earth primitive society. But it was his taste that he loved the loved earth people.
64. what did Kreton when General Powers asked him if they intended to do trade with the earth people?
He said that they had not trade. It was something peculiar to the social level of earth people.
65. Why does Kreton take interest in Earth?
He loves the Earth and its inhabitants. It is his hobby. Therefore, he takes a lot of interest in Earth. He visits the Earth as a tourist. Then he decides to take the charge of the world.
66. What happened of Powers and AIDE when they rushed to grab Kreton?
They could not touch him. They had to stop a foot away from him.
67. Write the theme of the play?
The play shows the positive side of science. It links civilization with science. The progress of science would be the progress of civilization. It would make man selfless, peaceful and vise.
68. What lesson do we learn from the play?
we learnt that we should not think every stranger our enemy. It also persuades us to make scientific progress. It urges us to get rid of our purposeless emotions. We should think rationally and wisely.
69. Write the story of the play?
Kreton visits the earth from other planet. He comes here as a tourist. The earth people treat him as energy. His changes his mind and he decides to take over the charge of the world.
70. What is Roger Spalding doing when the play start?
When the play starts, Roger Spalding is broadcasting his program. He is reading news. He makes an announcement about the flying object which is, according to him only a meteor passing through the orbit of the earth.
71. What are Kreton’s views about earth people?
Kreton says that earth people are slave to their emotions. He says that they are narrow- minded, emotional, specific and mortal.
72. What is the significance of the title of the play “Visit to a small Planet”?
The world ‘small’ shows the size of earth and low ability of people living here. And these two things have been highlighted throughout the play. Thus, the title shows the very theme of the play.
73. How is room decorated in “visit to a small planet”?
The room is comfortable. It is expensively decorated but it looks homely.


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