11th Class English Chapter 5 The Piece of String Short Question Answer

11th Class English Chapter 5 The Piece of String Short Question Answer

We are providing all Students from 5th class to master level all exams preparation in free of cost. Now we have another milestone achieved, providing all School level students to the point and exam oriented preparation question answers for all science and arts students.

After Online tests for all subjects now it’s time to prepare the next level for Punjab board students to prepare their short question section here. We have a complete collection of all classes subject wise and chapter wise thousands questions with the right answer for easy understanding.

Here we are providing complete chapter wise English questions and Answers for the 11th class students. All the visitors can prepare for their 11th class examination by attempting below given question answers.

In this List we have included all Punjab boards and both Arts and Science students. These Boards students can prepare their exam easily with these short question answer section

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All above mention Punjab Boards students prepare their annual and classes test from these online test and Short question answer series. In coming days we have many other plans to provide all kinds of other preparation on our Gotest website.

How to Prepare Punjab Board Classes Short Question Answer at Gotest

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  • You have Green bars which are Questions of that subject Chapter. Just click on Bar, it slides down and you can get the right answer to those questions.
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Now you can start your preparation here below

1. Why did Manana accuse Hubert of picking the lost pocket – book?
Manana accused the old man because he had seen the latter picking something from the ground. He thought that the old man had picked up the pocket book.
2. What did the people think Hubert when they heard that someone had returned the pocket book?
people die n : believe the old man’s statements. They said that those were the lying excuses. Rather they made fun of the old man.
3. Why did George give the pocket book to his employer?
As George did not know how to read, he gave the pocket book to his employer.
4. What made Hubert shameful?
People considered the old man to be a liar. This made him shameful.
5. Why did the people make fun of his innocence?
The old man was a poor countryman. People did not bother whether he was innocent or not. They rather made fun of him to a amuse themselves.
6. Why did keep claiming innocence till his death?
He was a man of honour. People considered him to be a lair. This hurt his soul. Therefore, he kept on trying to prove his innocence till death.
7. Write down a note on the character of Hubert?
Hubert is a man of honour. He loves his reputation. For him nothing is more shameful than to be called a liar.
8. Write a note on the mentality of the people who did not believe Hubert?
They were rough village people. They did not have the sense to respect their fellow countryman. They rather laughed at him.
9. Why did the Mayor not believe the innocence of Hubert?
. Mr. Manana claimed that he had seen the old man picking up the purse. The Mayor considered him to be trust – worthy man. So, he could not believe the old man.
10. Was it necessary for Hubert to continue pleading his innocence?
The old man was a honest man. He loved his honour. But he had lost it. So, it was necessary for him to keep on trying to uphold his honour.
11. What suggestions can you give to Hubert to save him from such a humiliating situation?
He must have known that we live among cruel and selfish people. They do not bother about the feelings of others. So, he should have compromised with life.
12. What did the dinners discuss?
They told each other about their fair, purchases and sales. They discussed the crops and the weather. They said that the weather was good for green things and not for wheat.
13. What was the public announcement?
It was, “A purse containing 500 shillings and some business papers was lost on the road between 9:00 am. The finder is requested to return the same to the Mayor’s office or to Mr. James, the caretaker of this public hall. There will be a reward of 20 shillings for him.
14. What did the police Officer ask Mr. Hubert?
He asked him to accompany him to the Mayor’s Office as the Mayor wanted to talk to him? Ans. He told him that Mr. James had seen him picking up the lost pocket – book.
15. Who was Mr. James?
Mr. James was the caretaker of the public hall. He was the man who lost the pocket book. And it was who claimed to have seen Mr. Hubert picking up the lost pocket- book.
16. How did the old man react when he was told that Mr. Manana saw him picking the purse?
He remembered something, understood and become red with anger. Then he cried that he had seen him picking up a piece of string.
17. What were the comments of the Mayor about Mr. Manana?
He said that Mr. Manana was an honest man. He could not take a string for a purse.
18. How did the old man try to make them believe him? OR What did the old man do to attest his honour? OR Why did the old man take oaths?
He lifted his hand and spat at one side to attest his honour. He shouted out oaths to make them believe that he was innocent.
19. Why did the old man and Mr.Manana abuse each other?
Mr. Manana accused the old man of picking up the purse: while the old man rejected his claim. In this tug of war both men became angry and abused each other.
20. What was the reaction of people to the old man’s story of the string?
They did not believe him: rather they laughed him.
21. Why did the old man fall ill?
He went to the village and everyone about his adventure, but nobody believed him. This made him ill.
22. Who returned the purse to the owner?
A man, namely George returned the purse to his owner the next day.
23. How did the incident affect the old man’s health?
The incident harmed his sense of self- esteem (self- respect). He was consumed (destroyed) with his disgrace. He wasted away (become thin and weak) before the every eyes of the people .And finally he died.
24. How did the people tell the story of the string?
To amuse themselves, the people told the story of string in the manner of a soldier who had returned from the battlefield.
25. What was averaged on the tomb stone of the old man?
It was averaged, “Here lies a man who told nothing but truth. Here lies the old man who would not prove his innocence, but the flood proved it.
26. What is the moral lesson of the story?
It tells us that we should respect honest and innocent fellows. We should not blame anyone without a solid proof. We should also learn to compromise with this life.
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