11th Class English Chapter 3 Dark They Were And Golden Eye Short Questions Answer

11th Class English Chapter 3 Dark They Were And Golden Eye Short Question Answer

We are providing all Students from 5th class to master level all exams preparation in free of cost. Now we have another milestone achieved, providing all School level students to the point and exam oriented preparation question answers for all science and arts students.

After Online tests for all subjects now it’s time to prepare the next level for Punjab board students to prepare their short question section here. We have a complete collection of all classes subject wise and chapter wise thousands questions with the right answer for easy understanding.

Here we are providing complete chapter wise English questions and Answers for the 11th class students. All the visitors can prepare for their 11th class examination by attempting below given question answers.

In this List we have included all Punjab boards and both Arts and Science students. These Boards students can prepare their exam easily with these short question answer section

Lahore Board 11th classes short questions Answer

Rawalpindi Board 11th classes short questions Answer

Gujranwala Board 11th classes short questions Answer

Multan Board 11th classes short questions Answer

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Faisalabad Board 11th classes short questions Answer

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DG Khan Board 11th classes short questions Answer

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All above mention Punjab Boards students prepare their annual and classes test from these online test and Short question answer series. In coming days we have many other plans to provide all kinds of other preparation on our Gotest website.

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Now you can start your preparation here below

1 . Why did Harry want to go back to Earth?
The climate of the Mars was very hard. H e and his family could not bear it. Moreover, he loved the earth and all its things. So he wanted to return to the Earth.
2. Why did Harry not want to stay there?
He did not want to stay on the Mars because there the weather was very hard. There was a smell in the air. So, he did not want to stay there.
3. What was the climate they faced on the Mars?
The climate they faced on the Mars was very hard. The wind was hot and high. At night, there was fog. The summer backed everything there.
4. What was the condition on the Bettering family on the hearing the news of the war on the Earth?
They were extremely shocked. Laura began to weep. The mother held on to her husband and daughter. Even Hurry was fearful.
5. What did they want to grow?
Perhaps, they wanted to grow peach trees, onion and other vegetables.
6. What was the condition of their house?
Wind had burned their house. The fog at night had also affected it badly. All the boards had been warped out of shape.
7. What was the advice Harry gave to the people?
He advised them to build a rocket and return to the Earth.
8. How much dangerous can a Martian virus be?
It can be very dangerous. It can make the earth people dark and golden – eyed. It can make them thin and slender. It can change their mind even.
9. Under what circumstances did the bettering family have to the pass through?
They faced hard circumstances. The wind was hot and high. They faced fog at night. Summer was very hot. Martian virus changed their bodies and eyes.
10. How much social were the people of Mars?
They were friendly and peaceful. They talked a bit. They learnt English fast.
11. How did the life changing finally? Was this better or worse?
They were changed into black and golden – eyed people. They became thin, tall and young. They became friendly. They were happy with all change.
12. Write the story in your own words?
One thousand people reached the Mars. But there the climate was hard. They wanted to return but could not. The Martian virus changed their bodies and minds. They settled there forever.
13. What distance can you point out in the life style of the people of two different planets?
The Earth people are quarrelsome, greedy, while the Martian are friendly and peaceful.
14. How did Harry feel when they land on the Mars?
He felt his hair flutter in the wind. He felt the tissues of his body draw tight. He felt himself to be standing at the centre of a vacuum.
15. Why did harry want to return to Earth?
The weather of the Mars was so rough that he wished to return to Earth.
16. How did he wind blow when Harry with his family landed on the Mars?
The wide blew so hard as if to break their identities into pieces. Harry felt that the air would draw his soul out of his body as marrow comes out of bones.
17. How did the old cities of Mars look?
The old cities were lost in the meadows. They looked like the delicate bones of children lying in the blowing lakes of grass.
18. Who were included in the family of Harry?
Bittering Harry himself his wife, Cora and his children, Den, Laura, and David were the family of five persons.
19. Why was Cora not ready to return to Earth?
She thought that one day an atom bomb would hit the earth but they would be safe on the Mars. Therefore, she was not willing to return to the Earth.
2o. What did Harry say about the dead cities?
He said that all the dead cities have some ghosts and memories. He said, “You see a staircase and you think how the Martians looked climbing it. You see a painting and think how the painter was like.
21. What was the shocking news Laura brought?
She brought shocking news about the war on the Earth. She said that atom bombs had hit New York. All the space rockets had been destroyed. She said that no rockets would come to Mars ever.
22. How did the weather of Mars affect their houses?
The hold Martian wind had harmed it. It had burned it. The fog at night had also affected it badly. All the boards had been warped out of shape. It looked no more an Earthman’s house.
23. Who were sitting on the step of grocery store and what were they doing?
On the shadowy step of the grocery, store, a few men were sitting with their hands on their knees. They were talking with a great leisure and ease.
24. What did Harry suggest to men to do to go to the Earth?
He suggested to them to build a rocket to go to the Earth.
25. How did Harry try to persuade them to build a rocket? OR How did Harry try to frighten about the Mars?
He asked if they had not been afraid of the peach blossoms, the onions and the grass. He said that there was a smell in the air. He said that it might be a Martian virus, a seed or some pollen.
26. What did sam tell Harry?
He told harry that he had a whole load of metal and some blueprints of rockets. He said that he would sell all this for ş 500. He said that Harry would build rockets in 30 years.
27. What did man do when Harry began to build the rocket?
They stood in the open door and talked and joked without raising their voice. Someone they gave Harry a hand on lifting something. But mostly they stood idle.
28. Why did harry not eat food brought by his wife?
Harry did not eat because he wanted to eat the food from their deep freezer, the food that they had brought from Earth. He did not want to eat the food of their garden on the Mars.
29. How did summer burn on the Mars?
Summer burned the canals dry. It moved like flame upon the meadows. The painted houses flaked and peeled. The rubber tire of swings hung suspended in the blazing air.
30. What physical changes had occurred in Harry till autumn?
He became very dark. He was very golden –eyed. He seemed almost as young as his eldest son.
31. What physical changes had come over Cora till autumn?
She was gold and slender. She looked like her daughter.
32. Why was Harry not willing to go back to the Earth?
All the people had changed not only physical but also mentally. They had left the town and settled in the mountains. Harry had also been changed. Therefore, he was not willing to go back to the earth town.
33. How did Harry and Cora comment on Earth houses and Earth people after they had changed into Martian?
Harry said that the Earth people built such odd and ridiculous houses. Cora felt glad that such ugly people had gone forever.
34. Did the rocket men find their fellows in the Earth settlement?
No, they could not find them because those Earth people had changed into Martians. They had already left the Earth settlement
35. What did the rocket men find in the Earth settlement?
They found the cottages; the peach trees and the beaters were silent. They found a flimsy rocket frame rusting in an empty shop.
36. What report did lieutenant give?
He said that the Earth town was empty. However they found native life in the hills. He said that the Martian people were dark, yellow eyed, friendly and talked a bit. They could learn English fast.
37. How many people did the lieutenant find and where they living?
He found six, eight hundred people living in the marble ruins in the hills. They were tall, and healthy. Their women were beautiful.
38. What lesson does the writer try to convey?
The writer wants to say that war is a great evil. It can force man to leave this planet even. And what will happen to him on other planets is a mystery. So, we should avoid war.
39. What is the theme of the lesson?
A few people landed on the mars to avoid war on the Earth. The climes there changed then into Martians. They could not return through they loved the Earth. The story tells that war is a big evil.
40. Were the Bettering satisfied with life on the Mars?
No they were satisfied with their new life on the Mars. The weather on the Mars was no rough that they wished to return the Earth.
41. What were the qualities of Martian people as reported by the lieutenant?
He said that the Martian people were dark, yellow eyed, friendly, tall and healthy. They talked very little but could learn English fast. Their women were beautiful.
42. Why did Harry’s wife want to stay on the Mars?
Harry’s wife wanted to stay there on the Mars as they had covered sixty million miles to reach there. Now it was impossible for them to return to earth. In fact, she tried to console her husband.
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