11th Class English Chapter 12 The Gift of the Magi Short Question Answer

1. How much did Della save for Christmas?
She could save only one dollar and eighty- seven cent.
2. Why did Della feel pride in the beauty of her hair?
Della’s hair looked like a falling stream of brown water. It reached below her knee. She felt pride in the beauty of her hair.
3. Why did Della sell her hair?
She sold her hair to get money to buy a gift for her husband at Christmas.
4. Why did Jim sell the golden watch?
He sold his golden watch to get money to buy a gift for his wife at Christmas.
5. Why did they want to present the gift?
They could not be happy at Christmas without giving gifts to each other. It is because they loved each other.
6,. Why did she feel said about losing her hair?
she had a long beautiful hair. She was sad about losing them. She feared that Jim might hate her without her hair.
7. Why did Jim not welcome her when he stopped in?
Jim could not welcome her because he was stunned to see Della without her long beautiful hair. He had bought combs for her hair. But her hair had gone.
8. What did Jim bring out form his coat?
from the pocket of his coat he took something out tied in a paper. They were beautiful combs for Della.
9. How beautiful was the gold watch chain?
It was a simple chain. Its value was in its rich and pure material. Its gold seemed to shine softly.
10. What was the wisdom in selling the most valuable things?
Both the lovers wanted to give a gift to each other. But both did not have any money to by this gift. They sold their valuable things to buy gifts for each other.
11. How did the magi want to celebrate their Christmas?
The magi wanted to celebrate their Christmas b y paying homage to the newborn Christ child. They brought with them gold, frankincense and myrrh.
12. How much attached to each other are they in the story?
Both the lovers love to each other. They sell their valuable things to get money to buy gifts for each other.
13. Why did they sell their beautiful valuable things?
As they did not enough money to buy gifts for each other. They should their valuable things to get money to buy gifts for each other.
14. Describe the story in words of your own?
Dells sell her hair to buy a chain for the gold watch of her husband. Jim sells his gold watch to buy combs for his wife’s beautiful long hair. They are the real magi.
15. What is the moral of the story?
The story teaches us that love is a real valuable thing in life. Material things are not important in life. The true and sincere feelings of love are important.
16. Who were the Magi?
Magi are also called ‘wise man of the East’ or ‘three kings of the Orient. They came to pay homage to the newborn Christ child. They brought with them gold, frankincense, and myrrh.
17.Why did Della count her saving again and again?
Her saving was little. Della wanted to buy a gift for her husband at Christmas. Therefore, she counted it again to see if it was not more than the actual amount.
18. What sort of gift had Della been planning for Jim?
She had spent many happy hours to think about some nice gift for Jim at Christmas. She wanted to give him a gift worthy of his honour.
19. What did Della think about the beauty of her hair?
If Della had a queen as her neighbor, he should have washed and dried he r hair where she could see him. She knew that her hair were prettier that any queen’s jewels.
20. What did Jim think about the worth of his golden watch?
If a king had lived with Jim in the same house, Jim would have looked at his gold watch every time met. Jim knew that no king had anything so valuable.
21. How did the hair of Della look?
Whenever Della let her hair fall, it looked like a falling stream of brown water. It reached below her knee. It almost made itself into a dress for her.
22. How much money did Mr. Sofronie offer for Della’s hair?
She Offered Della twenty dollars for her beautiful hair.
23. What gift did Della buy for Jim and how it liked?
She bought a gold watch chain for Jim. It was plain and simple value was in its rich watch chain and pure material.
24. Why did Della buy a gold Chain as a gift for Jim?
Jim had gold without chain. So, Della bought a chain for his gold watch. Now with that on his watch, watch, he could look at his watch anywhere.
25. What did Della think about her short hair while standing before a looking- glass?
She bought if Jim did not kill her before looking at her for the second time, He would say that looked like a girl who worked for money.
26. What was the condition of Della and what she said when she heard Jim comb?
Her fact lost color of a moment. She prayed quietly: “Please God makes him think I am still pretty’.
27. Who did Jim look at Della?
He had a strange expression in his eyes and on his face. Della could not understand it. It was no anger, nor surprise, nor anything she had been ready for.
28. What did Jim do after seeing Della with her short hair?
He was stunned. He still could not believe what had happened. He took something out from his coat. It was tied in a paper. He threw it on the table. He had brought beautiful combs for her.
29. What did Della tell Jim when entered home?
She told him that she got her hair cut off and sold. She said that she could not live without giving him a gift at Christmas. She said him that her hair would grow fast. They should be happy at Christmas.
30. What was the reaction of Jim when Della told him that she had got her hair cut and sold?
He was stunned. He seemed to lab our to understand what had happened. He still could not believe what had happened.
31. What did Jim say to Della when he invited her to open his gift for her?
He said that nothing like a haircut could make him ignore her. He said that when she would open his gift for her, she might understand what he felt when he came in.
32. What gift did Jim bring for Della?
He brought beautiful combs for her. They were decorated with jewels. She had seen them in a shop window. She had loved them. But she never wanted to own them as they were costly.
33. What did Jim say when Della showed him the chain?
He asked Della to put their gift away for a while. He said that they were too nice to be used. Then he told her that he had sold his watch to get the money to buy the combs.
34. Why does the writer call Jim and Della the magi?
Both sacrificed their most valuable things for each other. The writer wants to say that the feelings are important and not the gifts.
35. How did Della arrange money to buy a gift for Jim?
Della sold her beautiful hair for twenty dollars. With his money she bought a gift for Jim.
36. Why did Jim and Della give gifts to each other?
People give gifts at Christmas Jim and Della loved each other. Each of them wanted to give gifts at Christmas. Thus, they sold their precious things to buy gifts for each other.
37. Write the central idea of the story. “The Gift of magi”?
Della and Jim is a happy couple. At Christmas they want to give gifts to each other. Della sells her hair and buys a gold chain for Jim’s watch. On the other hand Jim sells his watch and buys combs for Della’s hair.
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