10th Class Physics Chapter 4 Electrostatics Short Question Answer

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10th Class Physics Chapter 4 Electrostatics Short Question Answer

What do you mean by the capacitance of capacitor? Define units of capacitance.

The ability of a capacitor to store charge is called capacitance. It is given by the ratio of charge and the electric potential as. C= Q/VSI unit of capacitance is farad.
Difference between Electric potential and Potential energy.

Electric potential:
Electric potential is a characteristic of the field of source charge and is independent of a test charge that may be placed in the field.
Rubber tires get charged form friction with the road what is the polarity of the charge?

The rubber and road will get opposite charges.The rubber tires get negatively charged.
Is electric intensity a vector quantity?

Electric field intensity being a force is a vector quantity.
Define Farad.

If one coulomb of charge given to the plates of a capacitor produces potential difference on one volt between the plates of the capacitor then its capacitance would be one farad.
Farad is a large unit, usually we use a smaller unit called micro farad and bico farad etc.
What is meant by electric field and electric intensity?

Electric field. The electric field is a region around a charge in which it exerts electrostatic force on another charges.
What is the unit of electric potential or electric energy?

Electron volt is another and more useful unit of electric potential or electric energy.
How would you define potential difference between two points?

Potential difference between two points as the energy supplied by a unit charge as it moves from on point to the other in the direction of the field. It unit is volt.
Define volt.

If the potential energy of one coulomb of charge at a point in the electric field is one joule. The potential of that point will be one volt.
Differentiate between fixed and variable capacitors.

Fixed capacitor: Fixed capacitor is a capacitor whose capacitance remains fixed. For example; Paper capacitor and Mica capacitor.
What is meant by electrostatic induction?

In the presence of charge body an insulated conductor develop positive charge at one end and negative charge at the other end this process is called electrostatic induction.
Define coulomb?

If one ampere current flow from a wire in one second then its charge willbe one coulomb.
Define capacitance of capacitors. Write its expression and S.I. unit.

Capacitance of capacitors: The ability of a capacitor to store the charge is called capacitance.
SI unit of capacitance is Farad which is equal to CV-1
What the body of an aeroplane get charged during flight?

During flight, body of an aeroplane gets charged due to frictional forces.
Define electrostatic potential also write its expression?

Electrostatic potential at a point in an electric field is equal to the amount of work done in bringing a unit positive charge from infinity to that point.
Mathematically expression: V = W/q
SI unit of electrostatic potential is volt which is equal to JC-1
How electric field helpful for some animals?

Some animals produce electric field to detect nearby objects that affect the field.
Define electric field intensity. Also write its mathematical expression and S.I unit.

The electric field intensity at any point is defined as the force acting on unit positive charge placed at the point.
Write Uses of capacitors.

Uses of Capacitors:
i. Capacitors can be use to differentiate between high and low frequency signals.
ii. Capacitors can be use in tuning of radio.
iii. Capacitors can be use in table fans, exhaust fans and fan motors, in air conditioners and coolers etc.

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