10th Class Computer Science Chapter 7 Worldwide Web and HTML Short Questions Answer

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Lahore Board 10th classes short questions Answer

Rawalpindi Board 10th classes short questions Answer

Gujranwala Board 10th classes short questions Answer

Multan Board 10th classes short questions Answer

Sargodha Board 10th classes short questions Answer

Faisalabad Board 10th classes short questions Answer

Sahiwal Board 10th classes short questions Answer

DG Khan Board 10th classes short questions Answer

Bahwalpur Board 10th classes short questions Answer

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10th Class Computer Science Chapter 7 Worldwide Web and HTML Short Questions Answer

Write the purpose of UNDO command

Undo command is used to reverse the changes made in the document if an action is to be reversed undo button is pressed Short key for UNDO is Ctrl +Z.
What is toolbar?

Toolbar contain small pictures called to icons which when clicked on provide a shortcut method or performing MS Word action MS-Word provides more than 18 tool bars, often the Standard and Formatting toolbars are displayed.
How to save a file in MS-Word?

To save a new unsaved document click on the Save icon on the standard tool bar or go to the Menu bar and select File save or press Ctrl S from the keyboard.
What is meant by Title Bar in MS Word?

Title Bar is a long blue bar located at the very top of the MS Word screen On the Title Bar Microsoft Word displays the name of the document in which you are currently working and the control button at the top right comer.
What is Shortcut Menu?

When right mouse button is clicked the computer displays a short menu.It is known as Shortcut Menu The shortcut menu contains commands such as Copy Paste Cut Font Paragraph etc The commands or options in the shortcut menu may vary depending on the element that was right clicked.
Write any two characteristics of MS Word?

The Characteristics of MS Word are
1. It creates professional documents quickly
2. It provides the facility to create edit open an existing document and save it for future use
3. It provides the facility of creating tables graphics shapes etc
4. It provides auto correction of words by just a mouse click
5. It provides built in templates for creating letters faxes colanders CV and many more
How would you edit Word document?

Editing a Document to enter or write text into a document change it or to delete it is known as text editing In order to edit Word document repeat the following procedure
1. Open a document in MS Word
2. Select text a word paragraph etc to be edited
3. Type new text from the keyboard
4. Save the document for future use
Explain the use of Ctrl +X?

Ctrl+ X is a short command for REDO command repeats the last action performed such as cutting pasting copying etc.
How UNDO command is different from REDO

Undo command is used to reverse the changes made in the document Redo is used to repeats action performed Short keys are as under
1. UNDO Ctrl +z
2. REDO Ctrl+x
Write the default components of application of MS-Word?

The default components of the application window of MS Word are.
Differentiate between SAVE and SAVE As?

SAVE command is used to save a new or existing file on the secondary storage device or hard disk Save As command is used to save an opened or existing file with a duplicate name Short keys for Save and Save AS are as under
What is meant by drop down menu?

Drop down menu is a menu which displays different options or command icons downwards when it is touched Drop down menus are usually shown below the title bar on the MS-Word layout window.
What is ruler?

The Ruler is generally found below the main tool bars. The ruler is used to format the document speedily.
What is Status Bar in Word?

The Status Bar appears at the very bottom of the screen and provides information about the current page current section total number of pages etc.
How would you open an existing document in word?

To open an existing document click on the Open icon located on the Standard tool bar or click Open option from File menu or press Ctrl o from keyboard.
Which keys are used to delete text in word document?

In word document we use BACKSPACE and DELETE keys on the keyboard to delete text.
What is the use of scroll bars in MS Word?

The scroll bars are used to move up and down right and left in the document window. The document window has two scroll bars viz vertical and horizontal scroll bars.
Differentiate between standard and formatting tool bar?

Standard tool bar contains the buttons of action related to the save print spelling cut copy paste etc Formatting tool bar contains buttons for font size bold italic underline text etc.
Write the method to close MS Word?

To exit from the MS Word program choose one of the following options
1. Click Exit command from the File dropdown menu list
2. Click Close button from the Title Bar of the MS Word window
What is clipboard?

Clipboard: The clipboard is a temporary storage location in computer memory It is used for holding data that is shapes etc on to the clipboard After data has been placed in the clipboard it can be inserted from the clipboard into the same document as well as into the other documents Ctrl+c and Ctrl+x commands are used to place data text graphics shapes pictures etc on to the clipboard You can view the elements that are available on the clipboard by selecting View Toolbars Clipboard from the Menu bar.
How would you rename document?

To rename a word document Right click on the document name and select Rename from the shortcut menu Type new name and click on the screen.
How many elements are there on Menu bar?

Menu Bar is a long bar that is generally found below the Title Bar It contains and displays the name of different types of menus There are nine elements or Menus on the Menu Bar of MS Word It displays the names of File Edit View Insert Format Tool Table Window and Help menus These menus are usually known as dropdown menus.
How a new blank document is created in MS word?

In MS Word a new file can be created by starting MS Word program and clicking File New option OR pressing Ctrl N from the keyboard shortcut.
Write the procedure the select a text?

To select the text by dragging the mouse on the desired text while keeping the left mouse button pressed or hold down the SHIFT key and press arrow keys from the keyboard to highlight the text.
What are the purposes of CUT and PASTE in MS-Word?

CUT-AND PASTE text CUT command copies selected text from document onto the clipboard or computers memory PASTE command pastes text from the clipboard into the document at the desired location CUT command is used to move selected text from its current location to another location in the same document or another document.
Name different views of a document?

View Menu contains buttons for changing the layout view of the document we can display a document in the following five
1. Print layout view
2. Full screen view
3. Web layout view
4. Draft view
5. Normal view is the default document view when w switch from one view to another the document contents are not affected and only the layout of the document is changed
Define COPY and PASTE?

COPY and PASTE: COPY command copies selected text from document onto the clipboard or computer memory PASTE command pastes text from the clipboard into the document at the desired location In other words Copy and Paste commands are used to make the duplicate of the selected text to another location in the document while the original text remains intact.
What is the use of Find and Replace option in word?

If you need to find a particular word or piece of text you can use the Find command after you have found the word or piece of text you are searching for you can replace it with new text by executing the Replace command.
Differentiate between CUT and COPY?

In MS-Word CUT option Ctrl+x or command is used to move selected text somewhere the COPY option Ctrl +c or command makes the duplicate of the selected text in the document The shortcut for CUT is Ctrl+x and for COPY is Ctrl+C.
Differentiate between DELETE and BACKSPACE Keys?

DELETE KEY: Which delete the character under the cursor.

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