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School Health and Nutrition Supervisor Online Written Test Preparation

We are Pleased to Inform you that on this page School health and nutrition supervisor test preparation online guide being dispatched over here.This test shall comprise upon health & nutrition supervisor mcqs past papers which are highly recommended for you to get meritorious score as well.This initiatve taken by Punjab Govt in order to revamp the health structure particularly in schools accordingly.This program is functioning under world food Program(WFP).The World Food Program (WFP) is running in 152 WFP outlets of 07 districts (Bhakkar, Khuhasb, Mianwali, D.G.Khan, Layyah, Muzaffargarh, Rajanpur and Faisalabad) of Punjab with collaboration of UN/WFP.

WFP & Ministry of Health is running a program of supplementary feeding entitled “Promoting Safe Motherhood” for vulnerable group of population which includes pregnant women & lactating mothers. The Project consisted of supply of food commodity (V.Oil) in seven districts of Punjab.The Syllabus for School health and nutrition supervisor includes Computer, English, Quantitative reasoning General Knowledge and post related accordingly.You can get strong preparation for such test by attempting the following one quiz as well.

Food and Nutrition Online Test Preparation:- Start Here

General Knowledge Quiz:- Start Here

Basic Computer Quizzes

MS Windows Test 1

MS Windows Test 2

Windows Shortcut Test 1

Windows Shortcut Test 2

Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Windows 7 Shortcuts

Windows 8 Shortcuts

Windows 10 Shortcuts

MS Word Shortcut Keys

MS Excel Shortcut Keys

PowerPoint Shortcut Keys

Computer File Extension Test 1

Computer File Extension Test 2

Basic IT Info Test 1

Basic IT Info Test 2

Computer Hardware

Computer Software

Windows XP Info Test

Windows 7 Basic Info Test

Windows 8 Basic Info Test

Windows 10 Info Test

Mozilla Firefox Shortcut Keys

Google Chrome Shortcut Keys

Internet Explorer Shortcut Keys

Computer Abbreviations Test 1

Computer Abbreviations Test 2

MS Office

MS Word Test 1

MS Word Test 2

MS Word Test 3

MS Excel Test 1

MS Excel Test 2

MS Excel Test 3

MS Excel Test 4

MS Access Test 1

MS Access Test 2

MS PowerPoint Test 1

MS PowerPoint Test 2

MS PowerPoint Test 3

MS PowerPoint Test 4

Quantitative Reasoning Tests

Blood Relation

Maths Numerical

Speed and Work

Decimal Fraction


H.C.F. & L.C.M.

Number Of Series 1

Number Of Series 2

Profit Loss Numerical

Questions on Ages

Word Problems (Algebra)

Equations (Algebra)

Polynomials (Algebra)

Inequalities (Algebra)

Fractions & Decimals 1

Fractions & Decimals 2


Aptitude Test 1

Aptitude Test 2


Basic Arithmetic

Numerical Ability 1

Numerical Ability 2

Letter Series 1

Letter Series 2

Counting Probability

Quantitative Reasoning

Coding And Decoding

Basic Arithmetic Average

Basic Arithmetic Percentage

Ratio and Proportion

Square Roots & Cube Roots

English Tests

Analogy Test 1

Analogy Test 2

Prepositions Test 1

Prepositions Test 2

Prepositions Test 3

Prepositions Test 4

Spotting Errors Test 1

Spotting Errors Test 2

Spotting Errors Test 3

Spotting Errors Test 4

Spotting Errors Test 5

Spotting Errors Test 6

Spotting Errors Test 7

Spotting Errors Test 8

Spotting Errors Test 9

Spotting Errors Test 10

Active and Passive Voice Test 1

Active and Passive Voice Test 2

Active and Passive Voice Test 3

Direct and Indirect Narration Test 1

Direct and Indirect Narration Test 2

Synonyms Test 1

Synonyms Test 2

Synonyms Test 3

Synonyms Test 4

Synonyms Test 5

Antonyms Test 1

Antonyms Test 2

Antonyms Test 3

Antonyms Test 4

Antonyms Test 5

Antonyms Test 6

Antonyms Test 7

Antonyms Test 8

Vocabulary Test 1

Vocabulary Test 2

Vocabulary Test 3

Vocabulary Test 4

Vocabulary Test 5

Vocabulary Test 6

Vocabulary Test 7

Vocabulary Test 8

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