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Why have You changed So Many Jobs Interview Question with best Answer

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Why have you changed so many jobs?

This question during the interviews these days has become pretty common due to most candidates listing their experience in various organization within their CV’s which is good to have on the one side but it also has a negative impact. The companies prefer experienced candidates but at the same time, they want to hire individuals who will stick with them for a longer period of time and your short span jobs at multiple placed can give a negative impression and you may not be selected for the available job despite of having necessary knowledge and skills. So to handle this question, you can come up with a number of acceptable reasons which can be economic, contract based jobs, geographical relocations and career advancement etc.

Key Points to Keep in Mind while Answering this Question:

  • Use a justifiable reason that matches with your previous jobs data like geographical relocations, contract based jobs or experience in multiple fields.
  • Never go for a negative approach like not liking your Manager or got tired of doing the same work.
  • Relate the available job with your keen interests and future goals.

Important Interview Question Answer

Why have You changed So Many Jobs Interview Question with best Answer

Interview Answer 1: Not earning enough as compared to the effort you put in your work.

Interview Answer 2: Your previous employer didn’t have a good attitude and you couldn’t adjust with him.

Interview Answer 3: New experience is the most important thing for you and get bored of doing the same work.

Interview Best Answer: Give various reasons like to gain being fresh in market or contract based jobs.

Why have You changed So Many Jobs Interview Question with best Answer

Example Answers by various Experts:

Tariq Waseem’s suggestion:

Most of the jobs that are listed over my CV were available on temporary basis and I just worked there in order to gain experience. Once the contract was completed, I had to move on to the next job. While another answer can be that most of your previous jobs were at new startups that failed to gain as much success as they had hoped due to which the companies went through some significant layoffs.

Zeeshan Aslam’s suggestion:

After completing my education, I had to take-up various jobs for temporary basis despite of not liking them much in order to put my knowledge into use and learn the practical skills. But now as my time period as a fresher in the market in over and I have plenty of experience, so I am looking for a job where I can remain for a longer period of time.

Hina Naeem’s suggestion:

I don’t think of them as many jobs because for me, they are the various stages that I have cleared in order to become capable enough for joining this amazing company and build my career along with it.

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