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Tell me about Yourself Job Interview Question with best Answer

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Tell me about Yourself?

Most interviewers like to start the interview with an open ended like “Tell me about yourself” which is aimed towards making you feel comfortable in the beginning and also to learn about some key things about you. Neither sharing too much nor too little isn’t going to work the best so a balance is required. So start the answer with a bit some personal information like hobbies and interests and followed it up with academic qualification, skills and previous experience but remember to keep it concise.

Key Points to Keep in Mind While Answering the Interview Question:

  • Keep it concise
  • Talk about your personal hobbies
  • Highlight your strength
  • Relate your skills and experience to the available job

Important Interview Question Answer

Tell me about Yourself Job Interview Question with best Answer

Interview Answer 1: Give a brief overview about yourself and your family.

Interview Answer 2: Answer the question with your achievements in professional career.

Interview Answer 3: Discuss both positive and negative aspects for yourself.

Interview Best Answer: Talk about your Personal traits, academic qualification, experience and strengths.

Tell me about Yourself Job Interview Question with best Answer

Example Answers by various experts:

Akif Zafar’s Suggestion:

In my personal life, I have kept focus towards hobbies like reading and sports which help me in staying healthy and also learning about new things. Whereas I have also performed extremely well in my professional career too by utilizing by strengths like leadership, strong communication and team work skills in my day to day tasks.

Hamid Saeed’s Suggestion:

I like to get involved in challenging tasks and utilize by skills and knowledge to bring the best results out of it. Due to my high energy level and concentration, I have been able to work for long hours and put my expertise to best usage.

Saad Nasir’s Suggestion:

Since starting my professional career, I have kept a clear idea in my mind about the goals I would like to achieve. Let me tell you specifically how I have prepared myself …… .

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