Job Interview Question Major Challenges and Problems you Faced and How Handled Them With Best Sample Answer Online

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What major Challenges and Problems did you Face? How did you Handle them?

At this point the interviewer is trying to explore your problem solving skills and the ways of handling new challenges under pressure. The best thing to do here is to place a few examples about how you handled a particular difficult situation. Discuss a little about how you identified the issue, research about it and made contribution towards resolving it.

Key Points to Keep in Mind While Answering the Interview Question:

  • Relate the answer with a few past experiences examples in which you resolved a major problem.
  • Discuss your role in identifying and resolving a problem.

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Example Answers by various experts:

Usman Safdar’s Suggestion:

Once the software development of one of our new products slowed down and I led my team in successfully getting the schedule back on track. I worked with my team to identify the problem and then also resolved the problem in a short period of time.

Ruqqaya Abid’s Suggestion:

When my organization was facing financial difficulties, I was able to negotiate with multiple vendors to develop a more flexible repayment schedule.

Hassan Ali’s Suggestion:

One of our long-term profit generating client was about to transfer business to a competitor so I met with the customer and was able to convince him for not moving the business by resolving his issues.

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