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How do You handle Stress and Pressure?

These days, handling stress and pressure is one of the most important things that an employee needs to learn and a person who can do so have really high amount of chances for surviving at the job successfully. So the interviewers now commonly ask this question to see how an applicant has performed under pressure in the past.

Key Points to Keep in Mind While Answering the Interview Question:

  • See work pressure as a positive thing.
  • Share an example about how you handled work under pressure.

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Example Answers by various experts:

Muhammad Waqas’s Suggestion:

I take stress as a positive thing because I believe it has always helped in performing my duties in best possible way. With my experience, I have developed the skills of differentiating as well as balancing between good and bad stress. The right amount of good stress helps me in staying motivated and being more productive.

Faisal Shehzad’s Suggestion:

I perform my duties by setting a priority level for each one of them which helps me in identifying the ones that need to be done first. This approach lets me manage work pressure effectively.

Hammad Azam’s Suggestion:

Over the years, I have realized that work stress helps me in doing a lot more creative work. I often come up with new ideas that help me in meeting work deadlines.

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