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How You Would Be An Asset To This Organization Job Interview Question

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How You Would Be An Asset To This Organization?

After taking a look at your resume, the interviewer knows about your education and professional skills  and how they would be helpful in the development of the company but still this question is asked in order to take your point of view so that it can be assessed that where you place yourself in benefitting the organization. While answering, keep in mind that the employer only and only wants to know about their gain so avoid talking about anything else and strictly remain around the point that how your unique experience and qualities are going to benefit the company.

Key Points to keep in Mind while Answering the Interview Question:

  • Relate your unique skills and experience to job requirements.
  • Remain positive in every aspect of your answer.
  • It’s important to be honest and don’t exaggerate what you can achieve.

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Sample Answers by Various Experts:

Ali Azfar’s Suggestion:

I am bringing plenty of experience with me which means that I will certainly be able to improve the working procedure and also explore further opportunities. I had achieved the same at my previous position and you can confirm this through my reference.

Hassan Khan’s Suggestion:

I have the complete package of skills required for this position and due to being a very quick learner, I assure you that I will be adjust in the new environment really quick. Once I get settled in, my experience will help me fulfill all of your requirements and by joining my creativity with it, I am confident that I will be able to play a key role in taking the organization to greater heights.

Faisal Qureshi’s Suggestion:

I am confident that I have all the capabilities and knowledge to become a really important asset to this organization. Because of by passion for continuous struggle for betterment, I will meet and even exceed the challenging goals that the company upholds.

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