Have You Considered Starting Your Own Business Job Interview Question with best Answer

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Have You Considered Starting Your Own Business?

By asking this question, the interviewer is trying to learn about the personal characters, views and future plans but unfortunately many individuals fail to provide an appropriate answer which significantly affects their chances of being selected for the available position. Your answers as a simple “Yes” can make small organizations worried because of a couple of reasons, like leaving company after some time or taking business secrets with you while a “No” will reflect your lack of self-confidence about your abilities.

Key Points to keep in Mind while Answering the Question:

  • Relate your set of knowledge and skills with the point that how you are better suited for working as a employee rather than running your own business.
  • Explain your future career goals that indicate that working for a company is most suitable option for you.
  • Don’t talk about your weaknesses due to which you can’t start a business like funding or lack of competence.

Important Interview Question Answer

Have you considered Starting your own Business Job Interview Question with best Answer

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  1. Interview Answer 1: Express your feeling about how you have thought about it and would like to do so after gaining enough experience and learning professional skills.
  2. Interview Answer 2: Talk about the business idea you have in mind and the problems that are not allowing you to implement it like finance or lack of knowledge.

Interview Best Answer: Just answer with a direct “No” so that the employer thinks that you would remain with the company for long time period.[/box]

Have You Considered Starting Your Own Business Job Interview Question with best Answer

Have You Considered Starting Your Own Business Job Interview Question

Example Answers by various Experts

Fahad Hussain’s Suggestion:

The key reason behind me not moving towards starting my own business is that I feel that my knowledge and set of skills is most appropriate to work in a well-established company with well-defined responsibilities. This will help me in improving my current skills and advance in the company toward higher management.

Mahjabeen Umar’s Suggestion:

In near future, I have absolutely no plans about starting my own business as my first preference has always been to make my career in a well-reputed organization. I would consider this company to be my own company and work with full dedication for the growth of this company.

Sajid Mir’s Suggestion:

Although I have given thought to this idea and certainly would like to become a successful entrepreneur but it’s definitely not the right time for me yet. As right now, I would like to work as an employee for a brief period of time and then move towards establishing my own business after gaining enough experience and skills.

Points to Emphasize for Have you considered Starting your own Business Job

Your answer should show that you’d be an excellent and loyal employee. Make sure you address these factors:

  • Be sure to explain why your talents make you a perfect fit as an employee for an organization like the one you’re interviewing.
  • Define the elements that can make working for a firm the best choice for you.
  • Define your career path to prove that you plan to remain an employee.
  • Write down the characteristics or convictions that can make running a business an unwise choice for you.
  • If you have previously thought about starting a company, be clear about why you are dedicated to securing the job instead.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

It’s easy to make a mistake when responding to this question. It is essential to give specifics to back up your answer. Also, keep an eye out for these errors:

  • Please don’t make it appear that you don’t like working for other people.
  • Don’t suggest that practical reasons, like insufficient money, will stop you from starting your own business.
  • Don’t start a debate about what you do as an employee you don’t like.
  • Refrain from overly reacting to the question by suggesting that you don’t have the necessary knowledge or the ability to launch your own business.
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