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MS Statistics Programme
Program Name ::
Master in Statistics
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2 Years
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Eligibility Criteria

50% (Bachelor Level) + 50% (Entry Test)

Course Specialization

Accounting, Finance, Banking

Fee Structure

Govt Avg. Fees
Rs. 50000

Private Avg. Fees
Rs. 70000

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MS Statistic is a trending profession now these days. A number of candidates are get admission in Statistic every year. MS Statistics is 2 years of degree programme. MS Statistic is master level and the candidate who has the Bachelor degree in statistics is eligible for admission in MS Statistic. This degree is equivalent to 18 years of educational degree. MS statistics course is running semester wise in all colleges and universities of Pakistan. MS Statistics program is designed to give students a proper knowledge and train the students about the statistics course. The candidates who will get MS Statistics degree should have degree that equivalent M.Phil degree.

It is a series of study in every department of education. Aspirants have Intermediate degree will become eligible for further education and will get admission in Bachelor degree. After that candidates will become eligible to get admission Master level programme. After the degree of Mater level candidate will get admission in Doctor level studies. Master of Science in Statistic (MS Statistics) provides to candidate advanced and latest training in mathematical applied knowledge.  The program is intended to prepare students for careers as practicing statisticians. This Programme also prepares the candidate for PhD studies in statistics or a related field. The MS degree requires 32-36 hours for subject studies duration.

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Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
01 Probability and Probability Distributions—I 3
02 Sampling Techniques—I 3
03 Design and Analysis of Experiments—I 3
04 Statistical Methods 3
05 Computer Languages and Packages (R, MS Office, SPSS) 2
06 Probability and Probability Distributions—I 1
07 Sampling Techniques—I 1
08 Design and Analysis of Experiments—I 1
09 Statistical Methods 1


01 Probability and Probability Distributions—II 3
02 Sampling Techniques—II 3
03 Design and Analysis of Experiments—II 3
04 Econometrics 3
05 Non Parametric Methods 2
06 Probability and Probability Distributions—II 1
07 Sampling Techniques—II 1
08 Design and Analysis of Experiments—II 1
09 Econometrics 1


01 Statistical Inference—I 3
02 Multivariate Analysis 2
03 Research Methods 3
04 Bio Statistics* 3
05 Time Series and Forecasting* 3
06 Statistical Inference—I 1
07 Multivariate Analysis 1
08 Thesis/Internship/Project 3

Semester – IV 

01 Statistical Inference—II 3
02 Population Studies 2
03 Statistical Quality Control 3
04 Survival Analysis 3
05 Statistical Inference—II 1
06 Population Studies 1
07 Thesis/Internship/Project 3

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