Doctor of Veterinary DVM in Pakistan

Doctor of Veterinary DVM
Program Name ::
Doctor of Veterinary
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Courses Duration ::
5 Year
Program Level ::
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Semester System
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Eligibility Criteria

50% (FSc/A-Level) + 50% (MDCAT) = Aggregate

Course Specialization

PVMC, MS, M.Phil., Ph.D. Years specialized degree

Fee Structure

Govt Avg. Fees
Rs. 40000

Private Avg. Fees
Rs. 80000

DVM Introduction ::

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine DVM is a professional degree. Veterinarian is competent enough to practice (diagnose, treatment and management) in the field involving large and small animals as self-employment or in the Government sectors. He is also trained and skilled to manage poultry and dairy farms and enhance productivity. During training, a student is exposed to clinics in Medicine, Surgery, and Animal Reproduction. Successful graduates can get employment in Livestock & Dairy Development Department in the public sector in all the provinces of Pakistan. In this, they can go to the Veterinary Hospitals, Disease diagnosis labs, Breed Improvement, Livestock Farms, Extension Services, and Research. Some join as academia and some decide to go abroad.

Numerous graduates from Various Medical Universities are now practicing vets in North America and other developed countries. Medical Universities of veterinary graduates also serve as commissioned officers in Pakistan Army (RV&FC) and Rangers. The emerging dairy and poultry sector which has multinational and national companies in the country is looking forward to exciting packages to hire vet graduates for their agric-livestock services, farms, processing plants. In short, this is a unique professional field in which a graduate can choose any or all domestic animals to become a specialist and build an exciting carrier.

Historically, this degree was started in 1882 in this institution which was first named as Veterinary School in Asia and then by the end of nineteen century raised to the status of Punjab Veterinary College. The name of this program was B.V.Sc B.Sc (A.H.). In 1942 College was affiliated with the Punjab University and then the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad in 1971 with the name of College of Veterinary Sciences, Lahore. The nomenclature of the degree has been changed/ upgraded from time to time. In 2002, the College was upgraded to the status of University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences.

Five years DVM degree program was prepared and approved by the Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council under the directive of the National Parliament and was gazette notified by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock on November 19, 2001, the aim of this composite degree was to meet the needs and demands of private and public sectors, livestock farmers, stakeholders and the employment providers to the professional veterinary graduates of this country.

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Syllabus and Course Subject of DVM ::


Sr No. Subject Codes Subjects Credit Hours
1 ANAT-02101 Veterinary Anatomy – I 3 (1-2)
2 ANAT-02102 General Veterinary Histology 2 (1-1)
3 PHYS-02103 Veterinary Physiology-I 3(2-1)
4 BIOC-02104 Biochemistry 4(3-1)
5 LPRO-02105 Fundamentals of Livestock Production 2(1-1)
6 ENGL-02106 English- I (Functional English) 2 (2-0)
  TOTAL 16(10-6)


Sr No. Subject Codes Subjects Credit Hours
1 ANAT-02201 Veterinary Anatomy-II 3(1-2)
2 ANAT-02202 Systemic Veterinary Histology and Embryology 3(2-1)
3 PPRO-02203 Introduction to Poultry Production 1(1-0)
4 PHYS-02204 Veterinary Physiology-II 4(3-1)
5 MICR-02205 General Veterinary Microbiology 3(2-1)
6 LPRO- 02206 Animal Welfare and Ethics 2(2-0)
7 SOSC-02207 English-II (Communication Skills) 2(2-0)
8 SOSC-02208 Islamic Studies/Ethics 1(1-0)
  TOTAL 19(14-5) 29


Sr No. Subject Codes Subjects Credit Hours
1 PHRM-02301 General and Systemic Pharmacology 4(3-1)
2 PATH-02302 General Veterinary Pathology 3(2-1)
3 PARA-02303 General Veterinary Parasitology and Protozoology 3(2–1)
4 SOSC-02304 Anthropology 1 (1-0)
5 MICR-02305 Veterinary Immunology 2(1-1)
6 MICR-02306 Molecular Biology 2(1-1)
7 STCS-02307 Bio-statistics 3(2-1)
8 CEDU-02308 Livestock Extension Education 2 (2-0)
  TOTAL 20(14-6) 32


Sr No. Subject Codes Subjects Credit Hours
1 PHRM-02401 Veterinary Chemotherapy and Toxicology 4(3-1)
2 PATH-02402 Systemic Veterinary Pathology 3(2-1)
3 PARA-02403 Veterinary Helminthology 4(3–1)
4 MICR-02404 Veterinary Bacteriology and Mycology 3(2-1)
5 STCS-02405 Mathematics 2(2-0)
6 LEBM-02406 Livestock Economics And Business Management 2(2-0)
7 EPPH-02407 Zoonoses and Food Safety 3(2-1)
8 APTC/MT-02408 Introduction to Meat Processing Technologies 1(0-1)
TOTAL 22(16-6) 34


Sr No. Subject Codes Subjects Credit Hours
1 THER-02501 Veterinary Reproductive Physiology 3 (2-1)
2 CLMS-02502 General and Systemic Veterinary Medicine 3(2-1)
3 CLMS-02503 Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care 1(0-1)
4 PATH-02504 Veterinary Clinical Pathology 1(0-1)
5 PARA-02505 Veterinary Entomology and Acarology 3(2–1)
6 MICR-02506 Veterinary Virology 3(2-1)
7 EPPH-02507 Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health 3(2-1)
8 SOSC-02508 Pakistan Studies 1(1-0)
TOTAL 18(11-7) 32


Sr No. Subject Codes Subjects Credit Hours
1 CLMS-02601 Medicine Clinic-I 1(0-1)
2 CLMS-02602 Surgery Clinic – I 1(0-1)
3 THER-02603 Theriogenology Clinic – I 1 (0-1)
4 PATH-02604 Poultry Pathology 3(2-1)
5 THER-02605 Obstetrics and Genital Diseases 3 (2-1)
6 CLMS-02606 Veterinary Preventive Medicine-I 3(3-0)
7 WECO-02607 Lab and Zoo Animal Management 1 (0-1)
8 CLMS-02608 Small Animal Surgery 4(3-1)
9 CLMS-02609 Diagnostic Imaging 2(1-1)
  TOTAL 19(11-8) 35


Sr No. Subject Codes Subjects Credit Hours
1 THER-02701 Reproductive Biotechnology 2 (2-0)
2 THER-02702 Theriogenology Clinic – II 1 (0-1)
3 CLMS-02703 Surgery Clinic – II 1(0-1)
4 CLMS-02704 Medicine Clinic-II 1(0-1)
5 CLMS-02705 Veterinary Preventive  Medicine-II 3(3-0)
6 PPRO-02706 Commercial Poultry Production 2(1-1)
7 CLMS-02707 Large Animal Surgery and Shoeing 3(2-1)
8 LPRO-02708 Animal Breeding and Genetics – I 2(1-1)
9 AQFS-02709 Fisheries and Aquaculture 1 (0-1)
10 NUTR-02710 Principles of Animal Nutrition 3(2-1)
  TOTAL 19(11-8)


Sr No. Subject Codes Subjects Credit Hours
1 CLMS-02801 Medicine Clinic III 2(0-2)
2 CLMS-02802 Surgery Clinic III 2(0-2)
3 THER-02803 Theriogenology Clinic III 2 (0-2)
4 LPRO-02804 Beef and Mutton Production 2(1-1)
5 LPRO-02805 Animal Breeding and Genetics – II 3(2-1)
6 PPRO-02806 Breeder and Hatchery Management 3(2-1)
7 NUTR-02807 Livestock Feed Resources and Forage Conservation 3(2-1)
  TOTAL 17(7-10)


Sr No. Subject Codes Subjects Credit Hours
1 CLMS-02901 Medicine Clinic-IV 2(0-2)
2 CLMS-02902 Surgery Clinic – IV 2(0-2)
3 THER-02903 Theriogenology Clinic – IV 2 (0-2)
4 PATH-02904 Meat Inspection and Necropsy Practice 3(2-1)
5 APTC-02905 Dairy Technology 2 (1-1)
6 LPRO-02906 Principles of Dairy Production 3(2-1)
7 NUTR-02907 Poultry Nutrition and Feed Technology 2(1-1)
TOTAL 16(6-10)


Sr No. Subject Codes Subjects Credit Hours
1 SOSC-021001 English- III (Technical Report Writing and Presentation) 2 (2-0)
TOTAL 2 (2-0)
GRAND TOTAL 168 (102-66) 298


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