Doctor of Physical Therapy DPT Career Scope and starting Salary in Pakistan

Doctor of Physical Therapy DPT or Doctor of Physiotherapy D-Physio degree is a post-baccalaureate 5 year degree that may be conferred upon successful completion of a professional doctoral program. A Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree is also offered for those who already hold a professional Master of Physical Therapy MPT degree.

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5 Years

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Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession aimed at changing and improving the mobility, physical independence and quality of life. It focuses on treating a variety of conditions including but not limited to Musculoskeletal, Neurological, Cardio-Respiratory, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Women Health and Sports Injuries. Physiotherapists work with patients varying in age, athletic ability and activity level, and are responsible for treating a wide spectrum of health conditions – both acute & chronic.

Physiotherapy diagnosis is based on principles of clinical decision making through examination, evaluation, prognosis, interventions and outcome evaluation. They are an important part of healthcare team, who work directly with the patients ensuring their recovery after surgery, injury, fracture or other acquired disability. Patients suffering from chronic conditions such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Joint Pain, Cancer and Neurological disorder like Parkinson-ism and Stroke also require consult from a trained Physiotherapist.

DPT Jobs and Salary ::

Doctor of Physical Therapy Career Scope and starting Salary in Pakistan and Latest Jobs Vacancies Names is mention.

Sr No. Job Title Starting Salary
01 Public Sector (Grade 17 scale jobs) 65000/-
02 Private Hospitals 45000/-
03 Private clinics 50000/-
04 Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation centers 60000/-
05 NGOs 70000/-
06 Aid Agencies & organizations 70000/-
07 Sports clubs & teams 65000/-
08 Research 80000/-
09 Academia 60000/-
10 Medical Technology companies 60000/-
11 International job placement 50000/-



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