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IB Pakistan Jobs Written Test Mcqs Online Preparation

There are three main intelligence agencies in Paksitan as Inter services Intelligence(ISI), Millitary Intelligence(MI) and Intelligence Bureau (IB).The Intelligence Bureau, is a civilian intelligence agency in Pakistan. Established in 1947, the IB is Pakistan’s oldest intelligence agency. The Intelligence Bureau monitors politicians, political activists, suspected terrorists, and suspected foreign intelligence agents.

The IB keeps tabs on political operatives from countries it considers hostile to Pakistan’s interests, and it is responsible for harassing domestic opposition parties. Appointments & supervision of its operations are authorized by Pakistan’s Prime Minister.Its Pakistan Largest Intelligence agency established with an aim to eradicate the evil designs of enemy from country as well.It helps to revamp the structure of forces with respect to prevailing the law and order situation accordingly.

We are glad to inform you that a unanimous platform in form of written test online mcqs being linked over here.This will help you to erase your worries from buying capsule or expensive books as well.This will also provide complete hassle free interview guide to those candidates who are going to appear in initial interview and psychological test simultaneously.This page is systematically organized according to up-to-date syllabus as well as pattern too.Take reliable source of preparation in form of multiple questions answers test within prescribed time to attempt is gonna facilitate you over here.Intelligence Bureau latest jobs with respect to availability is usually kept continuously updated.

Intelligence Bureau IB Pakistan Jobs Written Test Mcqs Online Preparation Question Answer

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Aspirants who are having great zeal to join the largest intelligence agency of Pakistan and to serve their country in this regard its strongly recommended source of preparation with object to test,interview and ultimate final selection as well. Written test online mcqs shall encompass the Intelligence Quotient IQ,General ability and psychological assertions, verbal non-verbal, Quantitative,Qualitative, Analytical,aptitude and past sample papers.Usually the candidates have to face failure after cut throat competition in interview session for final recommendation.No remove your fear and follow the guidelines pasted over here which are necessary to memorize before appearing into an interview.Whole interview guide have been published on this page to pass the final phase.

General Knowledge Prep Online Mcqs Sections Below

  Islam GK  Urdu GK  Science Gk
 World GK  Computer GK  Sahaba Karam GK
 Pakistan Cities GK  World Countries GK  World Personalities GK
 Pakistani Personalities GK


Imortant Interview Guidelines:-

  • Take decent dress that could help you to keep confident and comfortable as well.
  • Rest assure that you have complete command on general ability.
  • Communicate humbly in that language for which you are required to speak at the spot.
  • Psychological,aptitude question may also be arise in order to check the brain sharpness.
  • Don’t loose confidence despite of ambiguous questions.
  • Establish Hassle-free environment.

Afore-mentioned were certain crucial guidelines which are necessary to follow and for much more please visit over our test which covers aptitude,personality,qualitative and quantitative areas as well.

Its Headquarter is in Islamabad.Appointment for IB’s Director-General are made by the Prime Minister but the appointment has to be confirmed by the President.Its a law enforcement agency which not only enjoys the respect of the society, for its integrity, professional competence, and impartiality but also serves as a role model for provincial police forces.

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